Uge 43 – DET SNE RIGITG MEGET!!!! Also, I got me some good ol Danish culture! – 01/27/14

So here’s the run down from this week. :) It’s been crazy! We’ll start with this morning :) this sweet old lady in our Ward needed help getting the snow away from her house and asked if we would go out there and help, What are we gonna say, no? Ha. Not like that’s going to happen. So we ran home with our groceries still in hand, changed and caught a bus out there. We helped with the snow (well, the elders did more of that than we did…) and we took her cute dog for a walk. And then helped with the snow. And in the process we got to talk to her friend who was out shoveling her own snow…well, we got to a lot of it before she did…YES! And this other lady when we were walking the dog. And we got to talk to this other less aktive in our Ward who was previously really mad at us. oops. Apparantly we were calling her when she was in the US. We didn’t know that! Anyways, she got on the bus and I recognized her but couldn’t place her, and Søster McVey tried to see who it was but couldn’t see her face but apparantly the lady saw her and she came up and talked to us! She’s not mad at us anymore! So that was gooooood. :) I love the Little…well, ok, lets be real, HUGE mirakels that Heavenly Father Works ALL the time!
The Hansens :) I just LOVE this Family! They are amazing!!! We had our appt with them last week. And it went ok. It wasn’t our best ever, but both Bo and Matias were super involved and learning. It was good. It’s hard to know just how much Matias is retaining and actually learning, but then I remember that he is 9 and it’s just going to take some time, ya know? And they told us that they were having some major issues iwth their car and weren’t sure if the Whole Family was going to be able to make it or not, but that at least Bo and Matias would be there. And then saturday Bo called us and asked us what time church was :) so sweet. So were sitting there on Sunday and church starts and they’re not there. And I’m reaalllllllly sad. And then they start the sacrament hymn, and in comes mom and dad!! And I’m thinking, yeah! This is great! Wait, where is Matias?? And then in Comes Angelina. And Emilie. GREAT!! Where is Matais??? Ha, the kid was just taking forever getting up the stairs! Stinker. But it went SO good! All the kids went to primary, and tons of people were talking to them! Ah, SO good! And Matias had questions about the baptism and how that was all going to Work and Things and Bo couldn’t answer them. So he asked us. So I told him and it seemed to click a Little bit. But then, there was an 8 yr old that got baptized right after church that the Family stayed to see :) And the spirit was SO strong! And Matias was just SO excited! He even went up to the bishop with his dad and asked if he could do it right now :) they both said no but in about 1 month you can :) sooooo cute! And Matias was just telling everyone how excited he was that he gets to be baptized and that his dad is going to do it and oh. It was just so sweet! I just can’t quite believe that I get to be a part of this! I feel soooo blessed!

Oh! Ha, one more thing. We were meeting with Bendy and the elders were there as well and he was just being a huge stinker and not letting us talk and just really being a stink! So the poor elders got to see me pull complete mom face on bendy and make him stop. I even used the Words are you finished yet? with him. HA! Both the elders were looking at me like oh no, he’s done for! HA! So funny. And bendy just looked at me, said, yes, I’m done. I’m sorry. You can talk now. I’ll be quiet. HA! And then we actually got to have a good conversation! It was great. The first thing the elders said when we got out of the appt was well, we learned one thing today, don’t make søster rigby mad! hahahahahahahahaha :) so, if you’re wondering, I’m still the same ol me :) nothings changed on that end!
And basically it’s just been mirakel after mirakel here in Odense. And I am SO grateful! I love being here and I love being a part of this and seeing all of these mirakels come to pass. I don’t know how in teh World I got so Lucky as to have this incredible Blessing, well, all of them, but they’re here. And I am So grateful for it!!! Life is good :) Heavenly Father is wonderful. And He loves us! His Son really did come to earth and really did show us the way. I know that with all of the conviction of my Heart! And I am sooo grateful for that knowledge!

Have a great week!!!

Jeg elsker jer rigtig meget! Og jeg savner jer!

Søster Rigby

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