Uge 44 – Hansen Familien!! Jeg ELSKER dem!! Og, jeg vil stadig være her i Odense :D – 02/03/14

Well, it’s been a good week :) Lots of good things! First off with the Hansens. Oh goodness. It was just super sweet :) We try and go out there with the Ivies just about everytime but we couldn’t make it work last week and so we just went out there by ourselves on Tuesday. We had to take a train out there and Bo was just really concerned about us, so he drove to the train station and then walked back with us to their home :) how sweet!! And then we walk in and find out it’s his birthday! Had NO idea! Well, for his birthday he found us a movie that we could watch – The Testaments. hehehe he was just so excited about it :) and he even gave us root beer from his secret stash! And then we had dinner with cake that he made for us :) sooo sweet! and he then proceeded to call us his angels :) and just told us how much he loved that we loved his children and how grateful he was that we were a part of their lives and that we had come into their homes and brought the spirit. ahhh! I just about died! I love this family SO much! we taught a lesson on prayer and the importance of it using prayer rocks and it went really well! It was great! Matias even said that he would teach his little sister about it :D sooo sweet! and bo even found a bike for me that he is fixing up! although, not gonna lie, I’m not sure I want another bike given my current luck with them…hahahhaah. it’s a little sad. but he found one! sooo sweet! and then we realized that we had to RUN back to the train station otherwise we were not going to make that train and if we didn’t make that train then we wouldn’t be getting home until around 10. So Bo and Matias ran the whole way with us!! And we made it! By the skin on our chinny chin chins did we make that train! And we’re sitting on the train and a few minutes later he calls us and just said I just wanted to thank my two angels for a wonderful night! It was the best birthday I’ve had a in a long time and we just all so enjoy when you come to our home. Thank you for choosing to serve missions and coming out here. We are all so excited to see you on sunday and can’t wait for our next appointment. Thank you! Ok, sweetest thing ever!! I just love this family SO much!!!!! And they came to church on sunday :) and it was just so good! I just love seeing them! It’s so easy to see how much they love each other and care for one another. I just feel so lucky and so blessed to be a part of their lives! They’re even talking about ‘when matias goes on his mission’ and ‘when angelina goes on her mission’ :D :D :D AHH!!! I love seeing the spirit just work it’s magic :) It’s so cool!

And this week we have an appt set up with a member and her friend :D she gave her a liahona a little while back and and now has asked specifically to learn more about the church! so here we come!!! and we also have another member who has a roommate that we are going to start teaching who is SO interested in the gospel! We had an appt with Helen and Isabelle last week with the other sisters – we did a personal progress pajama party (not sure if that was totally legal…we were in pj’s, but it was fun! :D) and the friend was there! and we had a solid 2 1/2 hour eating appt with two recent converts and a non member friend. And can I just tell you how absolutely incredible it was to see these two recent converts (6 months and under) bearing their testimonies to this sweet girl?? Oh wow. It was just amazing! We basically talked about the gospel the entire time and wow. I just, I feel so lucky to be a part of this! I don’t know why in the world I get all of these blessings, and why Heavenly Father allows me to see His mirakels, but I am so incredibly grateful! she was going to germany this weekend to see her little sister in…ice dancing nationals? I think it was nationals, but hopefully we’ll be able to set up an appt with her on tuesday when we see her at CUV, and Helen is going to try to get her to come to church on sunday, and hopefully she’ll sing with ældste hinrichs in sacrament on the 3rd sunday, and one of the AWESOME UV’s that we’ve been trying to get him to get off his mission (he’s been home for well over 6 months now) asked her out! so, not sure how much of that is missionary related and how much is he’s interested in her, but hey, he’s great! and she’s getting seriously fellowshiped from many different angles. this is just perfect! seriously, the amount of blessings Heavenly Father decides to pour out when He pours them out is insane!

And Bendy. Ha. He’s a fun one! We are still meeting with him and he did come to church yesterday! We actually didn’t see him….things got a little crazy in primary :D but we were told it went well and that he’s planning on coming to all three hours next week! so that’s wayyy good! I think he’s gotten the idea that it’s not good to be a complete stinker all the time. Ha. It’s definitely a good thing! :D

Life is just going well :) I love being a missionary :) it’s truly the greatest blessing in the world! I love being a part of these people’s lives and seeing what exactly the gospel does – it changes people. Completely! Including myself. And that is something that I am so grateful for! I never realized before just how much I needed the gospel, and just how much of myself is because of the gospel and because of my knowledge of a Savior, of my Savior. I’m so grateful to know Him! We were in hjælpeforening i går og var vi snakkede om Ånden. Det var fantastisk! En af det ting som var sagt was respect the Spirit. And it was brought up that if Christ were right in front of us, or if Heavenly Father was right in front of us and asked us to go and do something how many of us would just go do it! There would be no question in our minds about it. Well, how many of us often have the Spirit right next to us telling us to go and do something and we don’t do it? Or we just brush off the prompting? Isn’t He a part of the Godhead as well? Doesn’t He deserve the same respect and attention that we give to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ? It was just a really good thought that I’ve been thinking about lots since then. I think it’s time I definitely gave Him the respect He deserves as a member of the Godhead.

Something else that came up today actually. We had some music going this morning and one of the songs said something to the effect of I don’t have the words to give the gospel the respect that it deserves, but I will let it work in me until it moves me. And I just loved that! Because honestly, I don’t have the words, I don’t have the ability to put into words what this gospel means to me, in english or danish, but I can do something about it. I can show how much it means to me, and that means living up to my covenants, it means going about the Fathers work, in whatever form He asks me to. And for now that is being a full time missionary, but that’s not going to be forever. At somepoint that is going to mean inviting friends, sharing the gospel to those that are dear to me, holding callings and doing my best with them, whatever point I am in my life, I need to be going about the Father’s work in the way and manner that He wants. And I am so grateful that He has given me that incredible opportunity! I just love this gospel so much and I am so thankful for a loving and wonderful Heavenly Father!!!!!

I hope you have a great week!! Remember the how much Heavenly Father loves you!!!


Søster Rigby

Oh yeah, and I’m stinkin around Odense on my cute little Fyn for another transfer :D YEAH!!!!

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