St. Louis – P-Day – 06.03.13

These are pictures from the City Museum in St. Louis.

From her letter: “Such a cool place.  Right in the middle of the city.  SO COOL!  Tyson would LOVE it!  Truly, the kid would have a heart attack in there!  IT’s SO cool.”

Looks like she was having so much fun she even stood on her head!







DSCN1811 DSCN1849 DSCN1848 DSCN1847 DSCN1845 DSCN1844 DSCN1843 DSCN1842 DSCN1841 DSCN1840 DSCN1839 DSCN1838 DSCN1837 DSCN1836 DSCN1835 DSCN1834 DSCN1833 DSCN1832 DSCN1827 DSCN1825 DSCN1820 DSCN1819 DSCN1816 DSCN1815 DSCN1814 DSCN1813 DSCN1812DSCN1852 DSCN1890 DSCN1889 DSCN1888 DSCN1887 DSCN1886 DSCN1885 DSCN1884 DSCN1883 DSCN1882 DSCN1881 DSCN1880 DSCN1879 DSCN1878 DSCN1877 DSCN1876 DSCN1875 DSCN1874 DSCN1872 DSCN1871 DSCN1870 DSCN1869 DSCN1868 DSCN1867 DSCN1866 DSCN1865 DSCN1864 DSCN1863 DSCN1862 DSCN1861 DSCN1860 DSCN1859 DSCN1858 DSCN1857 DSCN1856 DSCN1855 DSCN1854 DSCN1853