Uge 77 – Baptisms!!! They rock :D

Well, life is good. I think Heavenly Father really wanted to send me to the looney bin one last time before this is all over….

We had an appt with our wonderful investigator and with Præsident to ensure that he could be baptized….AND 27 SEPTEMBER it is! It was amazing how it all happened and how excited and ready he is!! He was talking with bishop yesterday and when asked why he was getting baptized so quickly he said because I know that it’s true and…why wait? For real! He is incredible!! I am so humbled by his spirit and his willingness to do exactly what it is that Heavenly Father needs him and wants him to do. He understands the difficulty and the danger, but he knows that this is what he needs to do if he wants to be back with Heavenly Father again. He knows this!! And it’s just amazing. I love hearing his testimony and feeling the power of it. His understanding of God and Jesus Christ and who They are and who They are to him has just deepened my understanding and knowledge more than I can begin to express!

We then had an appointment with him on Friday as well, and that just went sooo great! We taught quite a few of the commandments, and then apologized that we were doing so much in one go, and he just looked at us and said no, that wasn’t a lot. At all. Is there more? WHAT?! This guy! He’s just phenominal!! He then said, cause we hadn’t yet asked him about his reading in Mosijah and he said he loved this one verse, and so he went to his Book of Mormon and was trying to find it, and he started trying to translate it, so I just asked which verse it was, and it was Mosijah 18:10. And he said he didn’t know why he liked it, he just did. And that it just sat well with him, he could really realate to it :D He is so excited and so calm, but so nervous! He described it a lot as being like knowing that what he is about to do is a really good thing, and that it’s only going to bless him, but it’s just standing outside the gate, and all that you have seen and heard and felt is good, but actually taking a step inside to the yard is a little bit scary. And that, I can totally understand!

We also ended up meeting him just outside the tempel for a few mintues, and when he saw the building, he was just in awe. We told him that that is where those that are in the Spirit world can recieve the same ordinances that we recieve here, and the look on his face was just complete awe! He just could not wipe the smile off his face! I loved it so much :D

And of course, we saw him yesterday, and that was good :) he’s doing well! still super nervous. As we were walking down the stairs to the dåbsbasain yesterday, I asked him how he was doing, honestly, and he just kinda looked at me…looked down…and said my feet are shaking in my shoes! It was so sweet :) And we were talking last night and got this text from him :D when we saw him on saturday we told him that this week was probably going to be a crazy one, and that Satan knew that he was doing a really good thing and that he was going to try and stop him. Well, he then said that satan had already tried, and he’d been fighting him for awhile. and so last night, we asked him what he meant by that, and then we get this text :D :

it was nothing but a few times of being invited to drink or smoke from very close people in the last 2-3 weeks, or another weird pressure from one of my surroundings.

the strange part is that these temptations happen now, far more frequent than before. :)

hehe, it seems Satan has changed his shotgun with a machine gun. :))) but he doesn’t know that ”former atheists” have always the best kevlar vests against him :)))

I love this guy! He is definitely from Iran, that’s for sure!

We have another appointment with him tonight, with andreas and…I can never remember his wifes name, but her, and then another on tuesday, with lise and her husband, and then the baptismal interview on wednesday, and we’ll try and see him again thursday or friday, and then the baptism on saturday!! it’s just going to be wonderful :D I’m so excited for him!

And Jette is doing great :D she is super excited to go to the temple on friday :D and i’m so excited for her! and I’m pretty sure we’ll be helping her paint and things this week in her old apartment in søborg, so that’ll be great :D and basically, this week is going to be nuts! And we have an appt with Ana…still working on figuring out what is actually going on with that one….but at any rate, it’s happening! Yay!

Mange tak!

Søster Rigby

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