uge …….27? 28? I don’t remember.

Ok, so, this week. ROCKIN!!! I love being a missionærer :D It’s crazy! We had an absolutely insane week! But such a good one :) first big event, we went to Fredericia in Jylland and had zone træning! it was SO good! we talked all about personal revelation and how to receive it and listen to it and just be good people in general….it was SO good! And we talked about how personal revelation is vital to salvation becuse, hello, it’s how we know how the church is true! I think it was brigham Young who said that. Anyways, it just makes sense! without personal revelation we really can’t do much of anything with the church. And we can’t obtain personal salvation without it. It just doesn’t exactly work. And we did this thing that I really loved. And you should do it too. Go through Moroni 10  and look at how many times and what Moroni is exhorting you to do, not just in the words he says, but pay attention to your feelings and thoughts as you’re doing it. It’s pretty sweet! You’ll learn some good stuff. Really super good stuff. I know I did!
And then we met with Nynne :D AND SHE DONE GOT HERSELF BAPTIZED!!!! Those are really the best days in the whole wide world! I love them SO much! And she is just SO happy! It’s incredible to see it! The gospel is true! And teh peace it provides is unlike anything in the world that we could ever imagine! we just have to work for it and be worthy of it, but it really is so worth anything we have to do to obtain it. Ps, Nynne is hilarious, and so stinking sarcastic! And only speaks danish with us :D I love those people! She’ll give us words when we don’t know them, but she always goes immediately back to danish. And she has these two CUTE little boys! 3 and 9 months. BAHH!! So cute! AND! I can understand the 3 yr old :) it’s great!
And the next day….she was confirmed! That was another super great, wonderful, fabulous day!
Oh, and the day we had zone træning, we also went and did service at this lady’s….house? It’s like the compound garden living place. I don’t know how to explain it. But they’re all over in Danmark, everywhere. Anyways, we finally made it back to the chruch, had cooridnation meeting, well, we appeared at at. we had about 5 million other things we had to do that night. adn then got ropped into cleaning the church. but it was ok, because then we got a ride home! and then….best part…..I GOT A WHOPPER FROM BURGER KING!!!!!!! The guy that drove us home said, hey, i think my daughter is hungry and then swerved into the drive through. ha. and let me tell you, there is absolutely NOTHING in this whole world like an amerikansk burger. seriously. It was so heavenly! and then went home and had a danish pastry :D Have I mentioned how much I lvoe my life?!?! It’s so great!
Something I’ve been reading and studying about this week that I REALLY want to share….ohh goodness. So I’ve been reading Jesus the Christ and it is SO good! For real, go read it. And I was also listening to this talk – Character of Christ by Ældste Bednar and in it he says that the character of Christ was most manifsted in His ability to recoginize and appropriately respond to others needs in the midst of His own stressfull and hard times. Well, he says something to that effect anyways. Not those exact words. And it occurred to me, not only do we have to recognize that others are having troubles and need help, but we have to respond to it, and respond to it in a way that is apprpriate and exactly what that person needs. That’s exactly what Christ did all the time! Take the whole fasting for 40 days thing for example. Jesus fasted for 40 days and then had this arguement with satan! And then shortly after had angels sent to Him – well, that’s what the KJV says anyways, but the JST says otherwise – that those angels were actually sent to John the Baptist who was in prison at the time going through some pretty rough stuff. How amazing is that?!?! Seriously. I’m sure Jesus could have used that support – who wouldn’t? But instead, He sent those angels to minister to someone else. And then the gaurd that had his ear cut off by….one of the apostles during the betrayl just coming out of the garden of gethesemene. He healed him! Ok, Jesus is just amazing! And with all the mirakels He perfomed in His mortal ministry – to some He said, your faith is sufficient, you’re healed, go on your way. To others He basically said, ok, lets get some more faith going on here, and now you’ll be healed. Those people needed to learn something! So He did that, and ministered unto them in teh way that was the most perfect for them. How amazing?! He really does love us and will help us in evertyhing. No matter what it is. And I am SO grateful for that! I love this gospel so much :D
Oh yeah, and I hit my 6 month mark. WHAT THE?!!?! I have no idea what in the world happened there. So crazy!! We celebrated by getting super lost. And being an hour and a half late. BAHAHA. I love my life :D At least I’m getting to see pretty parts of Danmark, right?? :D
I love you!!!!! You’re the best!!!! :D
Søster Rigby

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on “uge …….27? 28? I don’t remember.
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