Week 79 – Thursday

Well we’re here in beautiful Danmark & Soster Rigby is taking us all over town and we have met some of the fabulous people that she has met and worked with over the last 18 months.  This truly is a fairytale land with the castles and all the trappings, but more importantly the wonderful people who have cared for and loved Soster Rigby & her companions.  Dad, Tyson & I are truly blessed to be here and get to meet them and see this beautiful place.  We’re on day 3 (2.5) and we’ve been to castles, seen magic tricks, discovered Legos and Disney (in the Denmark way) and have met some truly fabulous people who have touched our hearts.  We’ve gotten to see a young man light up with happiness at seeing his sissy after 18 months,  a daddy who “had something in his eye” at the airport, and the wonderful people she has been with.

Enjoy the pictures of the last couple of day.  More to come.

From Demark, a very proud & blessed missionary mom – signing off for now.

Week 79 -Pictures