Uge 27 – DÅBEN!!!!!!

Ok, I’m in Odense now! It’s a rockin place :) I really do love it! It’s SO stinking beautiful! I walk outside everyday and think….holy smokes I’m in Danmark. Is this really my life?? It’s such a great thing! It’s the birth place of HC Anderson. And if you don’t know WHO he is, look him up. Danes basically worship him! It’s so funny! They even have him as the crosswalk person :) I love it!
I’m with Søster Bartholomew now and I love her SO much!! we are basically the same person :) it’s rather entertaining :) But so fun! I just love her! And we both really, really, really like pepsi. And chocolate. So, this is a problem. :)
We have someone getting baptized this weekend! So excited for that :) her name is Nynne and she has two of the cuteset Little kids ever! I love them! She referredd herslef online and now she’s getting baptized! It’s so great :) Ij ust love when people do that :) it’s teh best!
Ok, generalkonference. ROCKIN!!!!! I LOVE when the prophets just lay Down the law and tell it how it is! So yeah, if y’all didn’t hear, pay your tithing. And do your home teaching. And talk to your friends about the gospel. And if you’re not aktive, get aktive. And go find the less aktives and get them back. And hold up your covenants!!!!! Holy smokes, hold them up! And talk to your friends some more :) and follow the spirit! And LOVE people!  Just love them, anyone and everyone. I haven’t been able to Watch the last session yet because of time differnece issues, so don’t spoil it! But, I am so excited :)
Life is good, Odesne is beautiful. I lead the most blessed life ever. Danmark is amazing. The church is true! We have living prophets on the earth….for real. How cool is that?!?!?! I don’t think I’ll ever get over that amazing fact!!
Love you all! Hope you enjoyed generalkonference! It’s teh best! Har en fantastisk uge familie og venner! Jeg elsker jeres!
Søster Rigby