Uge 78 – Den sidste….vi ses om lidt!!!

Well, y’all….

This is weird.

And, I’m reallllllllllllly tired.

So, lets just start with the normal.

We’ve got another crazy week ahead of us and we’re just super excited for it! We’ll be moving between the days of thursday and friday. So that’ll be good. The apartment is super cute though!! And on a way nice location too.

This week was incredible :D Everything with the baptism was just amazing! We had an appt with him on monday, and just went over tithing and some of the more random commandments, and he just kept saying, well of course. It just makes so much sense! And his testimony was just so sweet :D And then we had written out the baptismal interview questions and gave them to him, and the sisters then went over them with him on tuesday while we were on splits, and he had studied them and went over them, and highlighted them and brought the questions to the dinner appt :D so sweet! We then had the baptismal interview on wednesday, and that was just amazing! We decided to talk a little about the priesthood, and we started by asking him what he knew about it, knowing full well that we have already had this discussion before, and he just couldn’t remember at all! He was SO nervous! And so we very quickly switched gears and talked shared my favorite scripture, 3 Nefi 9:14, and just talked about coming unto Christ. And how this was going to bless his life. And we exited the room, and he and Elder Mogensen had the interview. And we came back after and he just looked SO calm! It was great! He was laughing and smiling and just so happy :D We saw him again on friday with Sara Leit and that was wonderful :D he was just so happy, and so excited, but SO nervous! We explained to him about 5 times which shirts he needed to wear and when :D it was so sweet!

And now to saturday. He came with Maren and Andreas to the pyjamas fest, and it was just perfect :D He was talking to lots of different people, and making friends and it was just good. And his baptism just after, that was just incredible! He changed clothes and took pictuers and was still super crazy nervous, so we decided to just stop and say a prayer with him before we went up. Andreas said that prayer, and his entire body langauge changed! it was incredible! And through the whole service he was just crying. And I was looking at our ward mission leader, and he was seriously touched too! And wow. It was just incredible! And so we went down for his baptism, and he entered the waters, and wow. When he came up and just started crying, it hit me again just how incredible this man is, and how much joy and courage he really does have. And it was testified to me again how this gospel, this is the gospel of Jesus Christ, this is His church, with His authority. I know it! He told us a couple of times that he has always been nervous for religion, because of the bad associations that it has in his country, but he just knows this is right. His only regret is that it didn’t happen sooner. :D

And his confirmation yesterday, wow. They got to sacrament a little late…and no one was answering their phones….talk about sending missionaires into a panic! :) But it all went super well. His confirmation and blessing was amazing!!!!! I’ve never heard anything like it. He was promised that his back would be healed and that we wouldn’t have anymore issues from it. He was promised that he would have courage and strength to do all that he needs. But most incredibly, he was promised that he would live to see the gospel florish in the country he comes from. He was promised that he would be a leader and a key influence in that. I don’t know how that is all going to play out, but I know that it will. He is an incredible man, and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have to know him and to have been with him on his journey! I am so happy for all that he has been able to do and be.

All of this has just confirmed to me the fact that He is coming again. Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are preparing the world for His return, an event that is not far off. We truly are in the final stages of the harvest. And He is coming. And I am so excited for that!

And to top it all off, a girl that I was able to teach and who got baptized, started her mission papers yesterday :D

And Nynne, she is going to the tempel. As of 13 oktober she can go through.

I don’t know why Heavenly Father has blessed me with all of these opportunities to see these wonderful people making and keeping covenants, but He has. And I am SO thankful!! I think I’m just seriously spoiled :D

I know, beyond anything I can ever explain, that this is His church – His gospel, and His ordinances performed by His priesthood authority. I know He has a plan and I know that He is intricately involved in my life, and in the lives of all those around me. I know that He is my Savior, and I know that He loves me. He is my best friend and I can go to Him for everything.

This mission, it has changed my life. I have become more converted, and have had experiences and opportunities that I will never forget. It hasn’t been easy, at all. But it has been truly the most incredible experience for my life. I’m so grateful that Heavenly Father finds ways for us to be with others and to serve them. It is truly only in that manner that we can begin to understand the Plan of Salvation.

I’m so grateful for my time as a missionary and as a servant of the Lord, and cannot believe that this portion is coming to an end. It has been a crazy journey, one that I am so thankful for!

I love you all, and I am so grateful for all that you have done over the last 18 months! I’ll see you all soon :D

Med kærlig hilsen,

Søster Rigby

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