Uge 29 – Vi gik til Assens og møde med mænd fra Egypt!

Well, the week was kind of crazy! Oh man. I guess I’ll just go with the highlights. Thursday we were trying to plan…at Banegård waiting for our bus home, because we always miss our buses. At least the elders missed theirs too! Anyways, we were planing, or trying to plan I guess and NOTHING was happening. I mean nothing. We made a plan and it was totally wronnng. So we made another plan, and that wasn’t right either. So we made another….and nothing, about this time we had to leave to catch our bus home, so we did. We got on the bus and we got a phone call from Fredriksberg! Go figure. Ha. Anyways they had a referral for us! It was Down in Assens ad it was this guy from egypt! So, we went and met with him, his kids and some friends of his. It was great! We’re going back on Saturday!!! I’m so excited :) I don’t know what is going to com of this, absolutely on idea! But I’m so excited! And honestly, I think it’s mainly because I was able to recognize and follow the spirit. and that is an incredible Blessing!
Oh! and yesterday, we got to carve pumpkins! I love carving pumpkins. and playing with the Guts! ha. It’s so fun :D So, go, invite the missionaries over, do what this wonderful Family did, and have dinner and then tell the missionaries that you have an activity for them, and then plop pumpkins in front of their faces. it’s the greatest thing ever!!! and it just makes their Whole day!
It was a good week! Something I’v been thinking about a whol lot is this scripture Luke 9:62 – it says something to the effect of no ma that hsa put his hand to the plow nd looks back is fit for the kigndom of God. And I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I have covented with my Heavely Father to give absolutely verythig to Him. To Work my hårdest, be my best self, give evertyhign I possibly can to the Building up of the kigndom of God on earth today. And no time than ever befor is that more applicable than it is right now in my life. And I have to give EVERYTHING! Adn I have to do that my Whole life. I have promised that I would. So when Things get hard, like they always will, ad when I don’t really know what my all is, or what my NeXT step is, I just have to go and not look back. I have to put my all into this. If I look back, if I’m wishing that I could change Things, or be somehwere else, or do somthing different, or wishing that thigns would be something different, then I’m not fulfilling that promise thaat I have made. I guess honstly, I’m just super grateful for the scriptures and for the spirit. Becasue I can do NOTHING without them! Someoen in the MTC said this – God doesn’t expect perfection, but He does expect progrssion. And thank heavens for tht! I am SO grateful for thta! now I just hve to keep learning and growing and being better! I love it :D
Have a great week!
Søster Rigby