Uge 42 – jeg fandt min bus pass! og min tegnebog!!!!!!!!!!!!! – 01/20/14

well, the week of all weeks. got my 3rd bike stolen, church key gone, bus pass went missing and to top it all off lost my wallet. I have now gotten two of the 4 back – the bus pass and wallet. so that’s good! well, almost wallet. it’s in Nyborg, so we have to go get that. oh and I chopped off my hair!!! well, my companion did that last night :) so fun!!! it was a good week :) we taught bendy Again! he’s so great! and he came to church Again! so that was wayyyyy good! he is now officially reactivated :) we still have some Things to Work on though….I guess that’s what happens when you’re out of the church for 20+ years. and we taught the hansnes Again this week!! I love that Family :D they’re so great! they didn’t get to come to church this week cause he had some big military thing that he, and teh Whole Family had to be at. some Award thing. and they were super sad about it! they were so cute :) trying to figure out any way possible that they could come, but nothing was working. saddd day. but they can and are planning on coming NeXT week! and staying after for a baptism of an 8 yr old. I’m so excited for that! It’ll be wayyy great for matias to see and his dad! ahh, I just love them! so that’s still going really well!! life is just super good :) I love being here in Odense. I just adore being a missionary! It really is the greatest Blessing in the Whole World! I get the incredible opportunity to see people use and apply the gospel in their lives. And I just love seeing it Work! It just makes me appreciate the gospel that much more. I am continually Struck by how much we are loved, we really do have a loving Heavenly Father and Savior. They know us! They love us and only want the best for us! They are always there for us no matter what we are doing. We really don’t have to worry, or stress, or do everything on our own, I know easier said than done, but once we just give it to Him and let Him take care of it, it will all fall into place. It may not be how we thought, or what we thought we wanted, or sometimes even what we think He wanted, but it will be what’s right. And that I know! That I am SO grateful for it! I haven’t quite mastered the Whole ‘giving it to Him’ thing yet, but it’s a good thing He is patient! Something else I’m super grateful for!! I love the gospel, and I adore being a missionary :) There’s so much that He has in store for us if we just do what He asks in the way that He asks!! Wow. What Blessings await! He really does love us!!

Have a great week!!

Søster Rigby

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