Uge 76 – He wants to be baptized!!

Well, what a WEEK!

I keep thinking that as I come to the close of my mission (yes, I am admitting to this fact now..) that things will slow down….HA! Pretty sure that was the biggest joke of life!

First off. Brand new car. President LOVES me. Last week at Elder Bednar, the Frederica Zone Leaders handed us the keys to their car, and then this week we get phone call from the office saying that there is a BRAND new car waiting for us at the office. I picked this car up and started driving it with 43 km on it. Can you say SPOILED!! And with heated seats. I’m in love!!

Ok. NOW. For the week.

Oh snap. It was great :)

Basically, everything revolves around him right now! And Jette!

So first off, with Jette – she’s so great :) We went over a couple times this week and helped her pack up her apartment and can I just tell you how wonderful she looked?? Oh my goodness! I knew she was stressed, and that things were really hard, but she just looked SO calm!! It is just so incredible to see how the Spirit works major differences in peoples lives! I love the gospel and I love the influence for good that it has in people. And I just feel so blessed to see that! She is partly officially moved to kokkedal…you know how danes move :)

And him. Oh my goodness! That man has changed my life! We had an appointment with him on wednesday with Lisa Perkins, and wow. We decided to just go over the plan of salvation because he had been taught the beginnings of it before he’d gone back to Iran, but that was before me and so we just thought, ok, well, we’ll just do a quick run through and teach the rest next time. Well then he started telling us his story. And I was just in complete amazement! This man has definitely been on a journey for a very long time to be here to hear and accept the gospel! He has been asking questions since he was a young child about religion and what happens to people that live in the jungels that don’t get to hear about the gospel, or those that live in christian countries that never get to hear about the muslim religion. And he would ask why is the Jesus that the priests talk about and the Jesus that he reads about in the old testament two different people. And all anyone would ever tell him in answer to these questions is stop asking. those things aren’t important. WHAT?! So sad. So in that appointment we talked about Jesus Christ, a lot, and His role, and who He is. And he just accepted it! He then started explaining things to us and processing through things that he had read and had been studying on his own! He really likes this Jesus that he is coming to know now :D

And then our second appointment went even more fabulously :D We had thought in the first one as we were talking about our life on earth that we should ask him to be baptized, and Søster Perkins and that same thought too, and then both of us knew we needed to talk to you first. So then asking him if he wanted to be baptized was a bit…scary :) well, be not afraid! the mirakels of this man just keep coming!! So, we sit down, and he just immediately starts asking questions about Almas Bog 40, and his questions fit in immedately with the spirit world. And wow. The look on this mans face when he realized that EVERYONE would hear about this, was amazing. He just looked at us and said this is right, this is what I’ve been looking for all my life. And then HE, started quoting 2 Nefi 2!! So we turned there, and he was reading to find where he had been talking about and then read another verse and said wait, you mean, that this Jesus didn’t just save His followers? He saved everyone? I can’t even begin to express the joy that was on this mans face! And how much joy that brought me! And his last question was this – the bible and the book of mormon talk a lot about punishment if you don’t follow, what does that mean? Are people going to be in an endless state of torment for ever if they don’t accept it? So we then explained the kingdoms to him and told him that it’s still a state of glory, and we only go to those lower two kingdoms once we have been taught the gospel, we know what it is, we have seen what it is we can have and still turn away from it. And then HE said how hard that must be to be there for eternity knowing what you could have had. WHY YES , you are correct!

And, so comes the nerve racking part, Søster Perkins asked him if baptism was something that he wanted. And he just looked up at us, pointed to the drawing he has of the plan of salvation and said, well, yeah, it’s one of the steps I have to take to make it to the celestial kingdom. Of course I want to! So then he asks about all the steps that he needs to take and the things that he needs to know to be able to be baptized :D

And yesterday, we were teaching the albanian family again, and he was with and he shared his testimony of the gospel!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was truly one of the sweetest things I have ever heard in my life!! He knows it’s true!!!!

And 5 minutes ago, we get this text from him:

hej med jer! :)

Sorry, i was in school.

ok, so I am ready to be baptized then. (we just told him he didn’t need to read the whole book of mormon before he was baptized)

just we need to arrange a tidspunkt (time). maybe we can talk about it on wednesday. bit jeg er i hvert fald ledt nervøs! (but i am a bit nervous!)

This man is getting baptized. And I am SO excited for him!! The gospel is true, and Heavenly Father loves us! He has a plan, for each and every single one of us! I know it! The joy that comes from living the gospel is moer than I can ever even begin to express! Mirakels are happening all around us, and I am sooo thankful that Heavenly Father sees fit to put me in the middel of al of them!

Have a great week!!!!

Søster Rigby

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