Week 6 – Travel Plans!!

Ok. Fake travel plans, but cool travel plans! SLC to Chicago to Heathrow – with a 3 hour layover then to Kobenhavn! So sweet. But, I have no visa. As of Friday, so I am being reassigned and will find out where/when/what in the world I am doing. It’s kind of weird to know that I have absolutely NO clue where in the WORLD I will be in about 6 days. Kind of odd. But, that’s cool. We talked to some Danish people in the TRC yesterday over skype that are actually in Kovbenhavn right now and they could understand us!! And us them!! Anyways, they all know that we have not gotten our visas and are praying for us. They’re so great! They said the whole church over there is praying for us! I love them!!


So, for Relief Society on Sunday we got Sister Janice Kapp Perry who basically wrote every cool song ever. She wrote As Sisters in Zion, Army of Heleman, I love to see the Temple, etc. So yeah. She’s amazing!! And I am pretty sure not one eye was clear during that whole meeting! Wow, she was amazing. And I am SO grateful for women like her who follow the spirit and write incredible songs that invite the spirit and change lives and provide SO much comfort to SO many! She also had us sing a song called The Sisters in Zion which is a change of lyrics from As Sisters in Zion – we were the first ever to sing it! It’s AMAZING!! All about the amount of sisters that are going on missions right now! And! They are coming out with a new cd especially for sisters, so watch for that!


Ok, I have a funny story for you mommy – I am SO your daughter and SO realated to Grandpa Rigby. But I’m running out of time, so I’ll write it and send it to you, but it’s hilarious!!! Oh heavens. And I don’t really know if it’s quite blog appropriate. So, do whatever :)


Oh! And something SUPER funny about Danish. So if you want to say you’re really bored, or something is really boring you say dodens polse, which translates directly to the sausage of death! HA! oh man. Oh and another one. So we say something to the effect that’s how it’s done! or something. Right? So the danes say that’s how you shave the goat! Det hvor du barbere…goat. I don’t remember. Hahahaha! SO funny!


Oh. And another funny story. An Elder basically called me fat the other day. Seriously! This kid definitely does not know how to think before he speaks. He just cracks me up!


Oh! And yesterday, ok, days get SUPER long sometimes, even though it’s only 11am. So, Soster Bartholomew was going to grab something and she says hey, do you know where my mormon Book of Mormon is?? HA!  I love that girl! Oh and, I don’t really know why this happens. But our male teachers think it’s a good idea to ask us dating advice. Ok. We are missionaerer. Like we have dating advice?!?!!? You probably should have gotten her something for her birthday BEFORE you go to drive down to see her, at least thought about it. And you may want to DTR with your girl – don’t lead her on. And don’t ask us how to do it! We are probably the LEAST qualified in the whole world to do that. Yeah. Ha. I love my teachers. They are SO funny! And one of them, he’s so sweet. His sister is here and on our floor – we met her the other day. So, we told him that and the grin on his face was the sweetest thing ever! He is just so proud of her!!

Ok, I swear there were way more funny things that happened this week, I just don’t remember them at the moment.


We went and watched a talk by Elder Holland last night – I am pretty sure he is my favorite. Not that I have favorite apostle’s or anything…anyways. They get SO kandid here in the MTC it’s so great! But his biggest message was this – don’t waste your mission! You will never have another time in your whole life like this, just enjoy it, and do all that you are supposed to. And he also said that we are the biggest and best representatives for the church known worldwide. We are missionaries, ACT LIKE IT! And said in only a way that he could say it. It was just amazing! I feel so blessed and so lucky to be here and be on a mission and serving my Heavenly Father, wherever in the world that may be. I really am so excited to leave next week – also a little weirded out – but so excited! And I feel so grateful to be able to learn to teach the gosple in my native tongue before I go try and express it in Danish. I love my Heavenly Father and am so grateful for the chance to serve a mission!!!!


Jeg elsker i!!!!

Soster Rigby