Week 15 – Holy Smokes.

So, I cannot believe I’ve been out for this long!! Seriously. That’s just weird to me. And it’s not even that long! 3 months. This week was good! Sorry last weeks was super short. There were about 5 million things going on and my time management skills are not always the best! The week went pretty well! We taught a lot…and then I got sick. Stinking allergies. Normally they don’t kill me that bad, but something about this humidity just knocked me out this time! So, that was fun. We are teaching a TON with the members. That’s basically all of our appointments now. And honestly, I love it! We are getting to know them super well and they are really trusting us. I’m so grateful for that! I love when we ask them to invite another family of the ward over to hear the message of the Restoration and they look at us all confused and then say, well that’s great, but can we invite a nonmember family too? uh. YEAH!!! We’re down with that! And then they’re actually serious! We’ve started going to youth night now and so we’ll see them then and they come tell us all their missionary experiences and how they’ve talked to their friends and stuff. SO GREAT!!! I just love it.

Another….fun experience. Walking. In 98* and 70-80% humidity. And showing up to members homes and knocking on random doors. Hi. Can I come in and share a message about Jesus and drip on your couch? Please? Ha. That’s fun! But!!!! Ok. Here’s the cool part – everyone sees us! And then you get members that call their wives and say, you need to leave work, now and go pick up the sisters. So. She does. And she pulls up. Looks at us and says get in the car, now. Ha. I love Sister D.  :) So we’re definitely getting in good with the members :) AND!!!! Ok. If you know me, you know of my affinity for pepsi. Good or bad, I just really enjoy it. So we were at a members house on Monday and he’s totally joking around with us and offers us pop. And he has coke. So, I go for milk. Good second choice. We go back over there Friday for another appt and what does he have, a 2 liter of pepsi. And he sent it home with me!!!! I love members!! Ok, but really, we had a lesson with them on the Restoration, and it was just SO good! I love being able to strengthen members and help them realize how much they really do know and believe. It’s SO great! And on Sunday people were actually TALKING before Sacrament!! The 2nd counselor actually had to ask people to quiet down!! Oh man. When I got here a few weeks ago people did NOT talk to each other. At all. You could hear a pin drop!! Things are definitely changing and I am SO grateful!! Oh. And in that lesson, we were teaching about things that the Savior taught when He was on the earth and what He teaches now. And one of them was to follow the prophet – good stuff. Do it. And their little girl who is like…3 pipes up and says my little sister has to follow me!! BAHAHA. Oh I think we all just died!! So great!! I love little kids!!!

oh. I also now officially have a sister missionary tan. It’s so funky looking!!
Also, missionaries are the funniest disco skaters you have ever seen!!
oh yeah. and digging trenches. that’s what we did for service this week. at a guys house with a pool. right next to the lake. torture I tell you! got a nice burn out of it. but we didn’t hit the gas line as we were digging! thank goodness. it was still on….Heavenly Father loves us.
And Hebrew’s 12:1. Great, grand happy stuff! the end of the verse says let us run with patience the race that is set before us. and if you know me, I hate running, with a burning passion. and if there is one thing i don’t like more than running, it is patience. so when I read this, it was a bit of an eye opener. it’s definitely something I need to be better at and something i think the Lord is teaching me right now. especially with the whole visa issue, other thing going on with investigators and the ward. So, I’m grateful for that! Also. Hebrew’s 11. Such cool stuff on faith! And applying this concept of “we are spiritual beings having a mortal experience” to verses 12-16. AHH! Loved it! I love the scriptures! there is definitely more to this life than we are aware of and we HAVE to have the eternal perspective or NOTHING makes sense. Yup. Love it!
Love you!! Hope you’re having a wonderful week!!!!!!!