Uge 30 – We’re having a storm!

Ok, so the week has been good. I don’t feel like there’s a whole lot to report on this week. Went to Horsens on Monday. Oh yeah, and monday we had a service project with the Jensens – this super awesome family that if I’m still here for Christmas I will be spending it with them. Well, part of it anyway. Anyways, we went to go help them stock up on wood for the winter and all the ældsterne were there too. and they were SO funny! trying to be all macho and stuff. oh goodness. Søster Bartholomew and I could not figure out who they were trying to show off for! probably just each other. ha. it was so great! we died laughing :) and then went to Horsens….it’s pretty there. and a lot smaller than Odense.

and then we had wednesday……man, I do not remember anything that happened this week! that’s terrible. But we did have a lesson with a referral! she’s super cool! she’s this little old lady who the other sisters met on a bench. we went over and she had this whole tea party thing set up! SO CUTE!! with little små kager and everything! love her :) we are meeting with her again sometime this week. thursday I think. oh, and we had interviews with president. love that man! he is incredible!

we are having a storm right now, aparantly some kind of hurricane is heading our way right about now. so that’s fun. I’ll definitely be taking pictures of that!

oh, and I learned that apparantly we have an issue with syria and our government shut down?? I lvoe how completely out of the loop I am with basically everything!

Oh! And church was SO good! we talked about ældste holland’s talk. and oh goodness. sooooo good! we talked about how it is important to stand up for God and what He wants. And then she said have you decided to stand up for God? and we were all just thinking…..and then she said, every one of us in this room has made covenants with God. You have already decided to stand up for Him. So when the time comes, and a decision has to be made, you already know what to do because you have already made the decision. BAH! SO GOOD! I just love relief society :)

OH yeah!!! and the Jensens. Funnnny, funny people. they’re the ones that got us the whoppers a couple weeks ago. we were talking yesterday and Torben was like do you have to tell you mission presidnet if  the high priest group leder and the relief society president are kissing? ok….this was all in danish…obviously. and i have no idea what the word for kissing is. no clue. i don’t really need to know that word. anyways, I was lost. so they asked again in english. and I was just like….YEAH! that would be a problem….like a really big one. really, really big one! and lise was like….I’m the rs president and he’s the high prieset group leader. ha. it was funny :D I love them so much!

oh yeah, and our bishop is gone today for like….3 weeks I think. He works on the north sea. literally. he’s so cool! and he speaks like he’s from københavn, so I can understand him :D he’s cool.

and we’re still meeting with Nynne – she’s going to the tempel in a few weeks! I’m so excited!!!!!!!!! and Karin, the cute little old lady we met with, I just love her :D and we’re meeting with this super funny asian guy, in danmark who teaches argentine tango. man, people are so random! and this other lady named Lis. she’s super sweet, and ole. I think we just really like the old ladies. OH! And we went to go check on this other less active….in a…..happy and totally safe part of town….anyways. this guy opens the door and we søger efter hende and found out she doesn’t live there anymore, but he gave us her address and we kept talking with him and found out he is a less active too! the elders have been trying to get ahold of him and haven’t been able to, and he wants to set up an appt! so cool! I love how Heavenly Father works and leads us to people that He needs us to visit and find. So hopefully the elders will be able to get ahold of him now and meet with him!

life is good, great and grand! i love being a missionary :D it’s such a crazy experience! but I am so grateful for it :) Heavenly Father loves us SO much!!!!!

Har’ det godt!

Søster Rigby.

Week 30 Pictures