Uge 39 – dealing with vikings is really entertaining……

Ok, not much time this week, but seriously, dealing with vikings is really funny! these wonderful danes are SO stubborn!!! I thought the women were stubborn….and I thought english people were stubborn, and that irish people are outspoken….yeah, they got NOTHIN on these vikings!!! seriously! it’s SO funny!!!!!!!!!! I love them so much :) the more I get to know them, the more I think that I have got to have some kind of danish ancestory somewhere…..I’ve got to!

life is good – Juleaften was AMAZING!!!! I loved it so much :) lots of food and good hygge time! More hygge time coming this week with nytår :D it’s gonna be so good!! ældste ivie described it as shock and awe like when iraq was bombed….this is going to be fun! oh and I have to tell you about our exciting thursday morning. so last week we had a bomb threat and juleaften – utter insanity and everything that basically made sleeping impossible. and then thursday morning at 5:45 am we hear this BOOOOOOM and a big flash of light. look out the window and see smoke….mind you we have just moved into an apartment that burned down 3 months ago….so now you’ve got 3 sister missionaries that are not quite awake freaking out that our apartment is burning down. well we got ahold of sister ivie and and called 112 and they were just like calm down, it’s fine. it’s just a fake bomb thing going off. it’s close to nytår. stop freaking out. yeah. that’s not the smartest thing to say to a sister missionary who is reallllllly tired and is living in an apartment that just burned down….anyways. the apartment was fine. nothing happened. other than we all didn’t sleep the rest of the morning. ha. oh man. how I love danmark!

and bendy came to church on sunday! that’s the 2nd time. he came a few weeks ago too :D and that’s the first time in 30 years!!! and he said he’s planning on coming this sunday toooooo :D eeeeeek! I’m so excited!!! he’s really starting to come around :D I love it! I’m so grateful!!!!! lfie is just soooo good :) 

being a missionary at Christmas time is the best thing ever. Honestly. The best thing ever :D

the gospel is true! the book of Mormon really is God’s word and we are so blessed :) I hope you all have a wonderful new year!!! I’m going to try to not get blown up over here in sweet little Danmark….

Jeg elsker jer! I have the best family in the whole world!! Seriously, love you guys :) thanks for being so great :D 

Jeg elsker jer!!

Søster Rigby

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