Uge 38 – Vi har flytte til vores leighed! Og har vi FANTASTISK venner i Holland :D

Ok, so it has been a week! But, let me first start out with last week. On friday Søster Bartholomew went to the international market and just walked around and got some fun things. Well, while we were there this guy was like hey! I know you! And we were like…no. No you definitely don’t. Nope. Ha. And he was like are you in Roskilde? We said no…but we do have friends there :) So we started talking to him more and more and he gave us free donuts from Holland! Gooooooood stuff right there :) We then went on our merry way. We went to HC Andersons house and then to the JuleMarket. Gooooood stuff. And then we were on the gå gade again for something…..anyways, the guys spotted us and called us over, so we talked some more and were just laughing and joking and stuff and their friend from russia that is living in italy came over and started talking to us as well. And they gave us more donuts! I swear, I’m getting fat!! But all for the cause right? ;) Well, I took Søster McVey back there when she got here this week. There’s this one place right next to it that is from germany and has bratwursts. So we went to get one for lunch or dinner or something cause we didn’t have much time that day. Anyways, the spot us again and called over to us, so we went over and started talking to them. Well, then our italian/german friend came over and the security gaurd guy was there too. And another finland guy was there too! Well, the finland guy was there and he started trying to bash with us….that didn’t last long. We just said we know this to be true and we have a book that if you would like to read it you can know too. We don’t try to convince anyone of anything, we just give them the information and let them decide for themselves. well, finland guy wasn’t too fond of that and he tried to keep going, but our holland friends stopped him!! it was sooooo great! and so we asked if anyone wanted a book. and they all said yes! we only had danish, and none of them know danish, so we said we’d come back tomorrow with english. so we did! we only saw 2 of them though. Piet at this point didn’t look too interested – we had been talking to him wayyy more than any of the others. But Jeremy looked wayyyy interested! He said I am going to read this tonight. And will you be back tomorrow? :D :D :D YES!!!! Well the next day was moving day and so we had asked them what time they were going to be open. So we went as soon as we were done moving, before closing time, but apparantly they forgot what time they were really closing :( BUT! we got a random text from someone that said thank you for the book. I really respect what you are doing here in Denmark. I’m going to read this book tonight. Thank you. It was so incredible!!! Anyways, so satruday we go finally get to go back and see them and see how it went. Meanwhile, the elders had made them cookies and had gone to talk to them. So that was good. But they didn’t say how the reading had gone at all. So when we went, Jeremy said that he had tried, he had read the introduction and had started the 1st chapter but because it was english it was super hard for him to understand and he really wanted to! So he asked if we had a dutch one….which we didn’t. So that was sad. So we got his address and phone number in Holland so he could get one there. That took some convincing :) But we got it! Well. Later that day we were talking to the sisters that we live with and they said that they were pretty sure that there was a woman from Holland that lived in their ward that might have one, but they couldn’t remember the name. Well, we ran into the elders later at the church as we were searching the church building for one and he remembered the name of the member who is from Holland! They called her, but she didn’t answer. So that was sad. Well, that night I had the thought to write them both letters just telling them my testimony basically. So I did the next morning! We go to church and we had planned to stop by right after but then got told that we had to go to an eating appt – which there is another mirakel in that one too! anyways. we leave to go to this appt and while were there we get a text from the sisters saying that they had talked to the member who was from holland and she was SO excited that she left church, ran home, got her book of mormon – which was actually a triple. And the story with that is that when she moved here a member was trying to be really sweet and really nice and got her a triple, she thought it was going to be in danish since that’s what she needed, but it was in dutch….which she already had. ha. so it had just been sitting there (waiting for Jeremy :D) so she runs home, gets the book, writes her testimony in it in dutch and runs back to the church and gives it to the sisters to give to us! So, we get there, get the book and run up to the gå gade. And they were still there! Yesterday was their last day for the market before they went home, so we were on a bit of a time crunch there. Anyways, we give the letter to Piet, and then the book and letter to Jeremy. He opens it, and starts reading it, and Piet peeks in and they are both reading it. And they both just got HUGE grins on their faces! It was the SWEETEST thing ever! Jeremy turned around and put the book on the table and the letter on top of it, looked at us, turned back around and slipped the letter under the book like the book was the most important thing. AHHHH!!! It was SO great!!! I’m just so excited :D I so wish I could see how this all turns out. But, I’ve got some friends from the MTC that are in Holland and we’re going to send that info today. So hopefully I’ll get to hear how it all goes :) And this internaional market will be back in denmark next year, so hopefully I’ll get to see them again!

another crazy mirakel here. we went to go eat at a members home and she ended up having a friend there! anyways, to make a long story short because I have NO time, she was wayyyy interested but leaving for tyskland for Christmas, so she can’t meet again until after the new year, but she really wants too! she’s already got a mormons bog in her native tongue and she’s read from it. soooo….that’s wayyyy good :) and this member has another friend that she wants us to teach! how cool is that!?!?!!? AHHH! I just love life :)

and now for insanity of moving….we had transfers on wednesday, which is always a HUGE day, and we were running all day long, same thing with thursday. so we were up super late cleaning and packing and things and then we moved on friday. we were originally told the køsters were coming home late on sunday….and friday we were told they were coming home on saturday…..that was a problem. ha. but we were able to get it done and had SO much help! all of the elders pitched in and the ivies took care of EVERYTHING!!! we got our beds built, wardrobes built, desks and chairs and a table. now we’re waiting for a bookcase and a few other random things. but, we’re in! and the first night we did not have light – which in danmark, in the winter, is a slight problem. nor did we have a shower head….or a curtain…..ha. oh the adventures of moving :D so fun! but we’re in! the køsters home is clean and returned to them and we are in our beautiful new apartment. I’m jsut so grateful! and it has been amazing! we have been completely  out of commisison the last couple days, and our sweet elders on fyn totally stepped it up! we didn’t have to worry about anything! they came over and were building everything with us and helping us get everything up the stairs. they periodically would call us and make sure we had food, and anything else that we needed. they took all of the planning that needed to happen and did it for us, they covered spiritual thoughts for and just made sure that we were ok. it was the sweetest thing in the world! that is one thing that I really do love about fyn is that all the missionærerne are just working together and supporting one another and our wards and the investigators and less aktivs. It exactly the way that it should be and I am SO grateful!! 

Oh and one other random thing to add the week of insanity….there was a bomb threat at the banegård last night. That made a slight problem when we needed to get on the bus to go to an eating appt. ha! but it was cleared and everythign was fine a few hours later. so that was good.

And Christmas is this week :) I’m SO excited! I get to talk to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m just so excited :D I really do feel like the most blessed missionær in the whole world. I don’t know how I got so luck and why in the world I get to see these incredible mirakels. But I am SO thankful!!! Life is just so good :D This week we get to really celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and what a blessing that is! We get to celebrate the one who gives us the opportunity be better, the opportunity to be with our families and our Heavenly Father for eternity. Wow. I’m so grateful for Him! And I am SO grateful for the opportunity to honor Him and show Him my love and gratefulness, especially at this special time of year. Have a wonderful Christmas!! Talk to you all in 2 days!!!!!! :D :D :D :D 

Jeg ELSKER jer!!

Søster Rigby 

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