Uge 45…..Jeg kan ikke huske. Undskyld! – 02/10/14

Well, it’s been a good week! As it always is :)


We are still teaching the Hansens and they are just awesome :D things are going soooo well and matias is SO excited to be baptized!!! They were in church again this week and oh, it was sooo fun! I just love those cute little kids SO stinking much! Oh! and they fed us dinner – I think they consider us their daughters, which I am totally ok with, so they just take care of us like crazy, anyways. sonja is from spain and so she made us this common spanish dish….with shell fish. and octpus. ok, why in the world people would eat octopus i have no idea!! you should not ever eat anything that suctions to anything else!!! it’s just wrong. but, i did eat it. i am a good missionary. and it was disgusting all the way down. and sonja just laughed at me the whole time!!! she really is like my mother :)


and we’re holding the church open twice a week now, should be more in the next few weeks with the other ward joining in soon. and that’s going SO well!!! members are inviting their friends like crazy!!!! it’s SOOO cool!!! I just love it :) we have had so many people stopping us and texting us to ask us when we are going to be in the church next so they can make appointments with their friends so they will come in and see us :D sooo cool! i just love missionary work! i love odense soooo stinking much!!! I’m really excited to see where all of this goes :D

I hope you all have a great week!! 

Mange Kærlighed, 

Søster Rigby


No pictures this week.