Uge 46 – Hold det op!! – 02/17/14

Well, it has been a week :D

I guess we’ll start with an update :) The Hansens are GREAT! Bo is still set to baptize Matias on the 16th of March!!! I’m sooooo stinking excited for that :) And I just love and adore this family :D They continue to come to church and the ward is just amazing with them! They are just completely welcoming this family back in and it is wonderful to see! I just am sooo incredibly grateful :) We get to go see them again on Wednesday :D I’m SO excited! And Ældste Ivie is going to confirm him :D AHH! Just such a blessing! The Ivies have been working with them basically since they got here and the go home in April. So it’s just all really cool :D 

And in other news, open church is going great!! 

Open church is going phenominanly well! We continue to have members asking us when we are going to be there so they can set things up with their friends. We were here last week and had an appt with a new convert, finished that and 20 minutes later a less active man walks in who hasn’t had a templenbefaling….that thing you need to get into the tempel….since before the Berlin wall went down. And he just had questions about indexing and how to get it set up on his computer, so he thought he’d come in! He saw the ad for it on facebook that Keith had posted and thought it was a really good idea! Ahh, that was just so cool! And then just after that we had a member come in with her colleague and the colleagues boyfriend and we gave them a church tour. Or rather, she gave them a church tour. Ha. We talked about everything under the sun! And gave them Books of Mormon and the member said maybe we can set up a time at my house where we can make dinner and have the missionaries over and we can talk more about the church – and they said they would love that :D AHH! I LOVE when members get involved like this! It’s the cooooooolest thing in the world :) And this member has NEVER done anything like this ever! And she is just soooooo excited about it! AHH! I’m just soooo excited :D I love when members get in on this stuff :D it’s soooo great!! It’s exactly the way it should be!

So I have to tell you of this moment I had yesterday. I was sitting in sacrament and looking around and realized that every single one of the people on the stand was a convert, and I am close with all but one of them. And I looked around and people were just so…ah. I don’t even know. But I just sat there and thought about how ridiculously blessed I am to be able to have this experience of being here in Odense and knowing and associating with these wonderful people! I don’t know why I get this kind of an opportunity, but I do. And I am sooooo thankful!! I just am so grateful to know this gospel, to have an opportunity to teach it, to have the amazing blessing of helping people come to know their Father in Heaven. I get the opportunity to get to know Him myself! I just. I’m just grateful. And the people here in Odense are just wonderful! They are soooo loving and so welcoming and so incredibly willing to do things and to help each other and love each other and they are just such an incredible example to me of how to really live the gospel, not just be a member of it. 

And I’ve also had the chance to read Our Search for Happiness this week…well, the last like two weeks. It’s by Ældste Ballard and I was reading this morning and he says something to the effect of ‘well some of this may sound old fashioned, well, so be it. It’s true. And it’s right.’ And I just LOVED that! And I thought about how true that is! So much of what we believe in and know to be true may seem ‘old fashioned’ but you know, God’s doctrine never changes. It is what is no matter the time period. Truth is truth no matter where it is found. And you know, whether we like it or not, these are Gods laws. And the only way to be happy, and to become like Him is to live according to the laws and ordinances that He has set forth – even He abides by those laws and ordinances! I may not like the fact that I’m not supposed to wear sunglasses as a missionary, but I do it anyway because I want to be as obedient as I can. And it’s the same thing with the laws, ordinances and principles of the gospel. I may not like the fact that it’s really hard to find shorts in the summer because everything they sell is so ridiculously short, but I search and search and search for shorts that are long enough because I know being modest is important to Heavenly Father and it’s one of the ways that He has given me to be happy. Old fashioned or not, it’s Gods law, and that’s what matters. AH. I just love the gospel and how ridiculously simpel it is! If we ever have a question of how to act, or what to choose we simply need to look to our covenants to know what to do. And thank heavens!!! Otherwise we’d all be sooooooo lost….and I don’t like being lost. Not at all!!!

I hope you all have a wonderful week!!! I love you all!!!!! 

Mange Kærlighed,

Søster Rigby

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