Uge 64 – Esbjerg: Steder af Mirakler!

Well. It’s been a week to say the least!

Let’s just go down the row.

Kristina: Well, she’s just great :D  having a bit of a rough day. The rest of the week was fine, but her family is having a hard time with all the changes. She tried on a dåbs kjole yesterday and she just looked absolutely beautiful!! And sooo excited :) So hopefully the week will go off without too much of a hitch. The baptism is set for k. 19:00, tirsdag 1 Juli. :D

Helle: Well now. She’s just rockin as all get out! We had invited her to Kristina’s baptism next week and she said she couldn’t go – she will be on Sjælland visiting family. But then we knew that there was a baptism happening in Fredericia, so we invited her to that. And she said she would love to! But she wanted to talk to Svend (her husband) about it. Selvfølgelig. So come friday we haven’t heard anything, and honestly we totally forgot! So, we get a call Friday night from her and she says, hey, are you still planning on going? I’m going. Can I pick you up? :) So we went! And it was FABULOUS!!! Ældste Hawkes gave a talk and she had a very similar experience with him as she did with Marie-Helene – she saw a light around him :D The actual baptism was amazing! The Spirit was so strong and she just felt it like crazy! She looked at us and said that’s right, that’s the way it should be. And I said, that will be you one day. And she just shook her head yes :) Well, in the following conversations before the baptism was over she said that she wanted to be baptized :D :D :D And on the car ride home she said that she wants to talk to her husband and learn some more and kinda figure out how this whole thing would play out a little bit in their life. Her husband has told her that he really doesn’t care what she does, as long as she is happy. Whatever makes her happy makes him happy :D YAY! And she also said that the whole tithing thing, and word of wisdom thing aren’t really concerns, she just wants to think all this through a little bit more :) but she definitely wants to be baptized!! So excited for her!

They had a son a few years ago that was shot and killed in Copenhagen and she said that ever since then her brain has just been a mess and she hasn’t really been able to make sense of anything or just have peace, or think about things that she wants to. And in the past 2 weeks, she has finally been able to. I love the power of the Spirit. It’s incredible!!

And mind you, this baptism was our 3rd lesson.

The work is hastening!!

John: Oh wow. You will never believe this one!! So. And last summer John, a man from Michigan, married this woman in our ward, whom he met over facebook playing something like farmville or something…anyways. We have been trying ever since I got here back in Marts to get over there and see them, just say hi, see if he’s interested, etc etc. Well, last friday (a little over a week ago) I sent out a ward text and then thought, hey, what about her? I’ll see if we can make an appointment. Well, that didn’t go over so well. Another time, we’re busy, etc etc. Well, I’m then texting a guy named Martin back and forth – he just got his mission call (to England Leeds) a little over 2 weeks ago and he was asking to have someone to study preach my gospel with and seeing if there were any english people we are working with that he can come teach with us. And so we got it arranged that he could come to Ana Marie and Min with us. And this is over the course of the whole weekend. Well, monday, we’re texting and then all of a sudden he calls me. And says hey, I just talked to my mom, and she said that if we all go and teach Ana Marie and Min then she’ll pick us up and take us out to her house and we can teach John. And she really wants us to teach the plan of salvation. And by the way, do you want dinner? Cause she wants to make you dinner. FOR REAL!!! After we’ve been trying for months, one phone call from her son and her we go! So we went out there and the appointment went fabulous! He reminds me so much of daddy – sense of humor and everything! I loved it :) And we have another appointment! He was so excited to have us over and said that we are welcome to come out any time :) And by the way, these people have 30+ dogs. Not even kidding! We counted 25 for sure – names on the kennels. There were 6 more little puppies that were just a few weeks old, and then a good 6+ that were getting sold that weekend. Taking out the puppies and the ones getting sold, and add another 3 that stay outside and you have the dogs that they keep. Yup. It was nuts!

Florien: this is Susannes boyfriend? This is the one that got engaged while we were there :) We haven’t been able to meet with him this week, but they were at church! And we are officially invited to the wedding – so wedding crashing we are! It’s on satruday. So that’ll be good! We have an appointment with them on saturday, as well as with Susanne’s daughter to make cookies for the wedding. The daughter, really wants to learn how to make these wonderful american cookies! So we’re teaching her!

Who hey. Talk about a crazy week! It’s been really good :)

If there is anything I have a testimony of it is this, God is real. He exists. We are His children. Jesus Christ is the only begotten of the Father in the flesh. He is our Savior and Redeemer. This is Their work we are involved in, Their work we have been called to. He is preparing the world for His second coming. The ‘hearts of the children of men’ are prepared. They are opening to the wonderful message of the gospel! And it’s truly the most incredible thing to be a part of! I love being a missionary and feeling of His spirit and His strength and being right in the middle of His work. It’s truly the most wonderful opportunity in the world!!

Thank you for everything!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACH!!!!!!!!!

Love you!!!

Med kærlig hilsen,

Søster Rigby

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