Uge 65 – Weddings, baby showers and someone from Mead!

As for this week. Well. It’s been one of those funny weeks where absolutely everything you plan always gets flipped around and nothing that you planned actually happens….but it was all good stuff that happened anyways! And kind of a sad moment in my mission….I actually forgot an appointment. Completely! It was SO sad!!! It was with a family we are studying preach my gospel with and we had had to change around the appointment a few times because of their schedule and I never got it written down and then…well….yeah. It was sad :(

But. As for other news!

Ana Marie and Min: He is doing well with his job! And Ana Marie is just so proud of him! It’s so sweet to see :) they’re just the sweetest couple in the world! I love them! And the ward had a baby shower for her on wednesday :) that was way fun! And Helle went as well and she had croched this cute sweater and shoe set for her :) She just fit right on in!! So that was fun! It was a great little girly moment too. Ha. It’s been awhile since one of those happened! I feel like I’m just always sweaty and on a bike….

Helle: Well, we were going to have an appointment with her on thursday but then that got all changed around because Susanne decided to get married! But that’s another story….so her appointment then tried to get moved to saturday, and then that just fell through flat on its face. Times weren’t working and then she got a migraine and she is now on Sjælland for a week or so. But! In the middle of us trying to figure it all out, she asked us to send her something that she can read and prepare for next time :D How sweet!! I just love this sweet little lady! I can’t wait for her to get back!!!

Susanne and Florien: Well, they are now a happily married couple! They both just looked soooo happy at the wedding! It was so precious! And what made me really happy, is that the gospel was definitely a part of it all. And he wants to be taught. He wants to know what all of this is, why this is so important to her. And that just makes me sooo happy! I love being able to see God’s mirakels in absolutely everything! They were in church yesterday and they still looked super happy :) He told me at the wedding on thursday that he was really happy that we were able to be there for all of it – the proposal and the wedding. And that he was really excited to see us again and that that was for sure happening! They are also coming to Kristina’s baptism tomorrow :D

Kristina: speaking of Kristina’s baptism! It’s happening!! Finally!!! This has been a long time in the making!! I am soooo happy for her :D We had a fællesmøde yesterday for 5th sunday and it was ‘an invitation to invite’ put on by bishop – and he had Kristina get up and speak!!! She shared her experiences and everything that has happened in the last few months, all because someone opened their mouth and invited her. And she then encouraged everyone to do the same!! AHH!! I tell you, I don’t think there is any greater joy than seeing this wonderful girl stand and square her shoulders and bear her testimony. It was truly one of the most powerful experiences of my life! The Spirit was so incredibly strong! And as always, just before a baptism, it’s been a rough week :) well, tuesday was particularly tough and she was in doubts about a lot of things. So she finally just said, I need a testimony. She said a prayer, and read 1 chapter in the Book of Mormon and she said she felt the most peace and happiness she’s ever felt!!!! And she said that she just knew it was true! AH! She has a testimony!!! And all on her own!!! I think I’ve had one, maybe two conversations with her about reading the scriptures….and she’s doing it!! She has the desire! It’s just incredible :D I feel so blessed to know this girl! I can’t wait for her to be baptized tomorrow!!!

Random family: so. We’re in church yesterday, and there’s visitors, as always in the summer. So we go and talk with them, well, they kind of searched out me cause they heard there was a missionary from Spokane. Well, one of the guys is from Mead. Which is like saying ‘We’re from Copenhagen’ when really, I’m from Gladsaxe and you’re from Roskilde….but hey, tæt på :) Anyways, they’re here for a cousins wedding and none of them are members! So, the husband says, hey! We’re having a family dinner thing and my mom is making real mexican food! (the mom is from arizona). Who am I to turn down real mexican food??? Well, the wife wasn’t super keen on the idea of us coming down (it’s in Ribe) and so we just told them to give us a call and let us know what was going on. Well, we weren’t really expecting anything to come of it. So this morning, we get a phone call and it’s them! And they’re going to pick us up at the train station and then drive us home to esbjerg! And they’ve had two of their family members reading the Book of Mormon and one asking about genealogy work! So, here we go!! We’re catching a train at around 4 this afternoon down there. And half are American and half are Danish. I’m sooo excited!!

Bishops: I swear, every time we go over there there is some kind of major mirakel happening! So after this whole ‘invitation to invite’ fællesmøde thing, we’re talking with bishop and Marie-Helene. Well, last week she was talking to a friend at work and this last week was her last week at work and Marie-Helene wanted to giver her a proper thank you for everything, I’m leaving now present. And so, she decided the best thing that she had to give was her Book of Mormon. Well, her last day was supposed to be today, so she hadn’t written in it yet, but then last minute, her last day got changed to last friday. So she hadn’t given it to her friend yet. BUT! She decided to talk to her and tell her what it was she wanted to give her. And now her friend is super excited! She is really looking forward to not only getting the Book of Mormon, but reading it!! And we gave Marie-Helene a few pamphlets yesterday! AHH! And the look on Marie-Helenes face, that was just PURE JOY! And that just made me soooo stinking happy! I’m so excited for her :)

So with this ‘invitation to invite’ thing, they are using this month and next month to prepare to invite like crazy and get many more people to sacrament and other activities in the months of September and Oktober. Which is AWESOME! I’m so excited to see what comes of it all!! That’ll be so great :D

And you know, there were many more mirakels from the week. I’m just sooo grateful that I have had the chance to serve here with these wonderful people!

I just love being a missionary :) It’s truly one of the greatest blessings in the world! I love feeling the Spirit and seeing people come to know Jesus Christ, and know that they are children of God! It’s the most tender experience to walk through that with someone. And I am so grateful that God trusts me enough to put me in places where I can help people, and see these wonderful things. God truly does love us! He is our Father in Heaven and we are His beloved children. That I know!

Jeg håber i alle sammen have en fantastisk uge og en super 4th of July! Og nyde den dejligt solskin vi har :) Jeg elsker jer!

Med kærlig hilsen,

Søster Rigby

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