Uge 68 – The many adventures of Copenhagen….

Well, y’all, I’m BACK! I’m back in the land of the fast talkers, brick buildings, and cobble stone streets :D It’s rather fun! I didn’t realize how much I loved this place until I returned :)

I’m in the Gladsaxe 2 menighed, and it’s really great. It’s still summer ferie, so everyone is still MIA. But that’s ok, it gives me a chance to break into the ward a little bit and get to know people one at a time. I’m covering the areas of Lyngby, Gentofte and we’re in Søborg quite a lot as well. This area borders my first area – Fredriksberg – so that’s been kinda fun to see that, and have some serious amounts of deja vu! But it’s great :)

We’re meeting with this cute girl named Jette. She should be getting baptized here pretty quick, she’s just in the middle of moving and lots and lots of other things. I’ll tell you more as time goes on and I can get my head wrapped around life here a bit more.

But, here was the exciting part of the week…I’m living back in Fredriksberg! Still serving in Gladsaxe 2 though. We got moved there this morning. PS. I’m perfectly fine! Præsident Sederholm is definitely protective of his sister missionaries :) We get home wednesday for dinner and open all the windows and everything, because it’s Denmark and they don’t believe in AC and it’s been between 20’s and 30’s all week. Our door isn’t dead bolted, but the chain is on. And we hear someone pounding down the stairs and then pounding on the door and trying to get in and this guy is yelling and screaming at us and wants to talk to us. Yeah, that ain’t happening! Well, we had our DVD player with the music going sitting on the window sill and we saw that the windows were soaked and the DVD player was soaked as well. So we get everything shut and locked and the guy seems to have gone away. So we call Præsident, he didn’t answer – it was new missionaries coming in day, so we weren’t too surprised. We called our distrikt leader and those two booked it over on their bikes, meanwhile Præsident called and he then came over. Well, they went to go and just see what happened and why the guy was so upset, and well, the second the door opened there was lots of yelling and screaming again. Well, apparantely the guy pulled a table leg on Præsident (didn’t hit him or anything, so that was good) and they just went to leave and the guy pushed Præsident down the stairs into the two elders. So. We’re not living there anymore! We went and stayed that night with the sister training leaders across town, and the next night (thursday night) we went back to the mission home and stayed there while Præsident and Søster Sederholm and their family went to Bornholm for the weekend to do some kind of missionary thing over there. And Oreo, their dog, stayed with us too! And we got Søster Sederholms car for the weekend. Actually, we still have it! So, all in all, it’s been fun :) I actually feel like a pretty spoiled child :) Præsident and Søster Sederholm are incredible and I am just so grateful for them! It seems that the guy has schizophrenia and is probably self medicating – my guess with meth. And one of his triggers, his biggest triggers it seems is religion. So, we’re not exactly the best neighbors for this guy :) so they’re working on finding us a new apartment. Ældste Anderson – someone that works in the office – is an old law enforcement guy, and is a dane. So, he’s working out all the logistics for us :) So for now, I’m back in my old apartment, and it’s fun :) living with there other sisters in that TINY apartment is surely going to be an adventure, but I love them all like crazy! So it’ll be great :) The only sad part is that we are wayyyyyyyy outside of our area – we’re not even in our zone! So we’re going to be spending a whole lot of time traveling. But good thing we’re in Copenhagen and we have Stogs!

I think something kind of fun that I have realized in the last week is how much Heavenly Father is involved and aware. He knows and He loves us. And when we truly put all of our faith and trust in Him, He will direct us! Most of hte time we have absolutely no idea what it is that we are supposed to do, but if we first ask Him, and be open to whatever it is that He wants us to do, and then do it, without questioning it, things will work out. I know that! I’ve seen that time and again on my mission. And I’ve also come to the conclusion that life is stinky. Ha. It’s hard, and sweaty, and smelly (especially on public tranportation in the summer…) and that’s just how it is! But it is also wonderful, and amazing, and full of incredible experiences and life changing moments. There’s delicious food, and beautiful sunsets and an incredible amount of love given to us by a loving Heavenly Father. Life is all in how we see it. And if we choose to smell the smelly, stinky, rotting fish, then we will. Or we can stand in the exact same place and feel the perfect sand, and see the beautiful sunset with Sweden off in the distance. It’s our choice. Life is truly what we make it. And if we want to have a happy life, then all we need to do is to choose that happy life. And that’s the power of the wonderful gift of agency that Heavenly Father has given to us. One gift that I am SO grateful for!

I hope you have a wonderful week! Jeg håber at alt gå godt med jer og at i er lykkelig!

Jeg elsker jer!!

Med kærlig hilsen (fra København!)

Søster Rigby

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