Uge 67 – The last week in Esbjerg, and it was STRAIGHT mirakels!!

Well, this week was just INCREDIBLE!! So, I just decided to type out most of my journal from this week, because honestly, there was so much that happened that I don’t think I could remember it all and get it all right even if I tried!! So, here we go :)

Monday: We went to this member Family and had dinner and a lesson with them :) And what was so incredible is that they then said we’ve talked a lot about it and we’ve decided that we want and need more spirituality in our lives. And we need some help with that, both of us. We would like to be taught by you sisters. Can you do that? YES!!!! Not even a question on that one! We’ve been trying to teach them, Helga and Juba for a long time because we felt like something was up, but they weren’t ready. But now that they have seen a need for it in their lives, they are more than ready to be taught! Oh, it’s just amazing :)

Tuesday: We went and taught Evy. And that was just dejligt. She asked us if we could wait until the 1 August because seh’s in a lot of pain right now and will know NeXT thursday if she is going to have surgery or not, and she probably is and that would be within 14 days. But she really really wants to meet and learn and hear from us and know what the message is. oh she is just great! I’m so excited for her! She kept saying that if she ever switched religions that it would be to ours :D well, we can make that one happen!
Wednesday: We had an appointment with taht same member Family Again :) we did some tjeneste and then had dinner and a lesson. Those two can be a bit distracted, but it went well :) We talked about prayer and the necessity of it. And how it helps us to come closer to God. It was great! We gave them the prayer test thing in chapter 4 of pmg to do. So hopefully they do that :) And then we BOOKED it over to Bishops! We had an appt with Helle :D And taht was just great! She came back with two cute key chains for us that she had gotten for us on Sjælland. So cute! And our lesson was crazy! We just all kept talking and talking and she was asking a million and a half questions, and at one point she asked if it was too late for her to be baptized. NOPE! Most definitely not! And by this point it’s 20:35 and there is NO way that we are going to make it through Jesu Kristi Evangalium, so I’m sitting there trying to figure out what in the World I could possibly share. So I asked Heavenly Father, and the thought came – Mosiah 18. So, that’s where I went! Baptismal covenants. So, we shared that! And Helle was just like yes, taht’s right. That’s exactly what I want to do. So I asked it, Will you be baptized Helle? And she said yes, I really want to. So I asked her when, and she said well, I don’t konw. So I hurried and said ok Heavely Father, you’ve got to tell me when. She’s not going to choosea  date, so you’ve gotta give me one. Søster Peterson goes home the 26th of August, not doing it the weekend before. Ok, dad’s birthday is the 17th, that’s a sunday. So, ‘helle, what about the 16th of August?’ ‘that sounds like a good idea. Can I go home and pray about that and talk to Svend about it and get back to you?’ Værsgo! She really wants to get baptized before we leave, so I’m sure that’ll happen :) Oh, it was just a great appointment!! I just feel so Lucky and so blessed to be a part of all of this :D

And then we come to thursday, and the mirakels aren’t stopping there! We had distrikt meeting and Ældste Redd asked Ældste Lester who asked me to help him share some of the Things that we did here in Esbjerg to help get the Work moving and Things like that. So, in that, and thinking about it and sharing some of these experiences I was ‘counting my blessings’ and oh man. It just humbled me sooooo much! I can just see how involved Heavenly Father has been through it all, and how much He has done. And it made me so grateful that for whatever reason, God has seen fit to bless me with these wonderful mirakels! And to be a part of this! Oh. I just don’t even know where to begin to say thankyou to Him for all of it!

And then we got to go and see Ana Marie and Min :) And they are just so great :) It was so fun to see them! I really just love them soooo much :)
And then we went to Kristinas :) And oh, I just love that girl! That was a rough appointment to leave, not gonna lie! She’s had another really rough week. But she is doing sooo good :) she is so much more roligt than she has been and just calm :) It’s sooo wonderful to see! I just love her sooo stinking much! And we just talked and played and danced to some efy music and just had a wonderful night :) it was soooo great! oh, I just love that girl so stinking much! I’m so excited for her and so happy for her and oh. I just love her :) I am so grateful for the chance that I had to be a part of her life and all that is going on! I am just so blessed :D

And then Friday. who hey, that was a big day! We ended up being on Lasses tv show! So that was fun! You could definitely feel the spirit and it was j ust great :) we made one film that was 48 minutes long and another that was 14 minutes long. And in both of them we talked about families and how they do us happy and how in the church we can strengthen our relationshps. And how we can be truly happy, not just for now, not just in the moment, but really trly happy and peaceful. It was a great experience! It’s going to showing sometime soon. And I’ll be able to look it up at So, that’s great! Or just Google it. Huh. I’m going to be on tv, in Danish! Weird!

And then we ran home and ate, changed clothes and booked it over to susannes where we helped her paint. That was way fun! While we watied for the 1st cover to dry we sat adn talked with susanne. And she has gotten permission to get her tempel covenants :D AHH! Soooo excited for her! That was HUGE!! And she is just sooo excited :D I just love her soooo much! Soon after we left to another appt with Hanne and John. And that went well. There was a Whole lot of miscommunication, but it went off with out a hitch! I’m not so sure how interested John is, but hey, ya never know, right?

Then we ran back to Susanne and Floriens. And that was just great :D Oh goodness! We did quick hello’s and just jumped right into Florien ‘I read Almas Bot 32 like you told me!’ And he could really indentify with it. And he really enjoyed it! He is just such a good man, and so open and ready! And so Humble too, it’s just great :D And then we asked if we could start iwth a prayer and he said yes, but I want to say something first. It’s just a crazy thought that came, but it’s liek each of us has  a puzzle piece, and when we all came together we have all the truth. But if we don’t, then we can’t put the puzzle piece together. ANd God knows how to bring it all together. HELLO!!!!! Restoration, right here! Oh goodness. And then susanne convinced him to say the opening prayer and he started, God aften kære Gud :D SO SWEET!!!! It was truly one of the most sincere prayers I have ever heard! So we started explaining the apostasy and everything and then watched the resoration video. And it was just great! The film ends and the spirit is just so strong and we begin talkinga nd Florien just comes out and says ‘it’s right, of course it’s right. I can of course pray about it, but why do I need to do that when I already know that it’s true? I know it becasue o fhte Peace and the comfort and the safety it gives me. So, of course I can pray, but why is that necessary when I already know that it’s true?’ Well. Good question. Do it anyways!So then I get the prompting, ask him to be baptized, NOW. Well then he kept talking adn the spriit was dying and ugh. So then I finally was able to cut in and said, Florien, but then he just kept talking! And before i knew it it was 21:10 and it’s a 20minute bike ride  and we were talking about bad kinds of angesl and famous people that were mormon adn Things he found on Wikipedia about momrmons. And the spirit just kept saying ASK HIM! And I just kept fighting saying how in the World am I supposed to trun this conversation around and get the spirit back?? It’s just not here, and I can’t invite someone to baptism without the spirit, like no. Det gå ikke. And I don’t even have a date ready to go! Oh shoot, there’s a puase it’s now or never! So, ‘Florien, with the testimony and the knowledge that you have, do you wanna be baptized?’ ‘Yeah.’ WHAT!?!?!?! And then susanne like flys across the couch in utter shock and amazement :) so, we pulled out the phone, and we settled on the 9th of August :)
That was truly one of the most incredible and special moments of my life! It was just wonderful :) I am sooo excited for them!!

And then we show up that night and there are a bouquet of flowers and a sweet note from somenoe :) no idea who, but it was soooo sweet :D
And then. Saturday. We see marten rusbjerg who is getting ready go on a mission. Who felt the need to but a set of scriptures to ana marie and min :D so he did! he just said he felt a prompting, and even though he doens’t have the Money, he knew he needed to anyways. :D EEK! He’s just soooo great :D

And then yesterday, this teenage less active girl we’ve been working with stands up in church and says that she has finally felt that God loves her and she is going to start coming to church Again!!! And then this other ‘active teenage boy’ gives a talk as well adn says taht he knows teh church is true becauseo fthe feelings that he has had adn he cannot deny it. AHHHH! BLESSINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then after church Helle says, I actually want to be baptized on teh 20th, and then informs the relief society of this!!

Miracles are happening! Everywhere!!!! It’s just amazing!!! I feel sooooooooo blessed to be a part of all of this :D

I’m excited to be here in Gladsaxe with søster Murray :) It’ll be a good time I think! I

Thanks Again for everything :) Especially for reading my novels.

Maybe it will be shorter NeXT week. There were just soooo many mirakels I had to tell you about!

Have a wonderful week!!!!

Søster Rigby

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