Uge 71 – Floriens Dåb!!

I will share this one fun story. So, we tend to have this one very awkward problem of the fact that we live FOREVER and a half away from our area. So, more often than not we are left with this awkward hour to an hour and a half of our day, when it takes 35 min, just on the stog to get to our area, let alone the time it takes to get to the station, and then wait a few minutes for the stog. So on Saturday, we came back from Esbjerg and hadn’t really eaten all day, so we decided to go home and eat. Well that left us with an awkward hour and 10 minutes. So we thought, lets go out and do…something. Ha. So, we went and got on the Stog. And we talked to this one lady, she had actually just been in Hawaii and met some members there that were also visiting from California! So that was neat. She didn’t really agree with the church, but didn’t have anything against it either. Well, we kept talking and were like one stop away from the end of the line, so we just decided to stay on and wait for it to turn around. Well, then it stayed for a long time. And we realized we weren’t going to be getting back home until close to 9:30, so we might as well start planning right now while we were waiting. So, we said a prayer and went through our numbers, and as we were talking this guy starts talking to us! He first said, are you Americans? Are you missionaries for the Latter day Saints? How does your Whole mission thing Work? WHAT? People don’t usually know that much that quickly…so we kept talking and honestly, he sounded American and did not look Danish, but he was. So we just kept talking and talking and talking. And turns out he had been to the CUV before and knows of a few members and has looked into the church before! So as we’re talking this other couple comes in the Stog and she stops us and says, are you American?? Well, she was Canadian and from Alberta and has a book of Mormon and has been to a few activites back in Alberta. And her husband also has a Book of Mormon and has been to CUV before with Joakim! What in the World?! It’s just amazing to me that people know the church. People are very aware of who we are. And even though we think that no one is aware, people are. And when people are ready to hear the gospel, they will ask. And they know who to ask. We just have to be ready. We have to be in positions where people are willing to talk to us and be doing what Heavenly Father wants us to do, even though half the time we have no idea what that is! Something that I have learned is that we don’t move this Work, God does. He is the one that makes this all happen. What we have to do is put ourselves, spiritually and physically in a place where He can use us. And once we have done that, we will see His mirakels.

Floriens Baptism :D It was just incredible!! It was amazing to see him doing so well and so happy :D and susanne as well! I  just loved how happy she looked and how wonderful it all was :D Her Brother Robert baptized Florien. And as he was saying the prayer as they were standing in the water, Florien and Robert were just staring at each other :D It was a very sweet and very tender moment! I just loved it :D He is such a wonderful man and I am SO grateful that I got the chance to be a part of their lives for a short, but very sweet time :D

If there is one thing I am continually more and more convinced of it is that Heavenly Father knows us and He loves us. More than we could ever know! He has a plan for each and everyone of us. He wants us to return back home, He wants that more than we could ever imagine. And so He puts people in our lives, and puts us in others lives so that we can help each other along the crazy path back to our Father in Heaven. And that path includes covenants – both baptism, and sacred covenants inside the tempel. Without those, we can’t make it back to Him in the families that God has intended us to be in. But I had the sacred privilege this weekend to see Florien be baptized by his Brother in Law and begin his path back to his Heavenly Father. I really don’t know what could bring any greater joy in this life than seeing one you love and care about so much begin their path :D I’m so grateful to have been a part of their lives and be able to know them :D I just love the gospel and I am grateful for the happiness that it brings to each and every one of us!!

I love you all! Have a great week!!

Søster Rigby

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