Uge 72 – Mission Konference!

this is the link to when Søster Peterson and I were on Lasse’s tv show. So that’s kinda fun! I found a few others that have been on as well. We did two interviews, this one is the short one. I’m not sure where the long one is….oh well. I’m sure I’ll find it at some point!

This week has been good :) It was incredible to be at the mission conference with Elder Teixiera. I learned a lot! And it’s amazing because I keep learning more and more how much I just need to be me. Improve me, and better myself, sure, but me! And something that I learned this week too, each animal was created and told to perform after the manner of it’s own kind. Well, that’s us too! And we can’t each individually do everything that needs to be done in this world. Just not possible! A shark can’t do what a snake does….even though they are both animals and are both cold blooded (I think….) it just doesn’t really work. Well, I can’t do what søster so and so does, or what elder so and so does, I’m not supposed to! If I was supposed to, I would be them. And that’s the way God intended things to be! It’s amazing when we can take a step back and see the grand picture in things. I don’t feel like I get to see that too often, but when I do, oh, it’s amazing :)

As you know, Jette is getting baptized! She is sticking to the 30th of August. So that’s wonderful :) She’s having a rough time – stressed with the apartment, and her ex husband and how she is going to pay tithing. So that’s just wonderful :D I’m so excited for her!! the Holy Ghost will be such a blessing!

We did get to run into this lady in the primary presidency yesterday and she asked if we were the Gladsaxe 2 søstre, and we said yes, of course. And she then told us how excited she and the rest of her family were that we were visiting her parents! Mom is ‘a sleeping member’ and dad is not a member. And they really like us :) and we really like them! And according to this sweet lady yesterday, the parents don’t really like missionaries. But, they quite enjoy us! We’re going back to see them tomorrow. So that’s going to be fun :) I’m really excited about that!

And yesterday was good! We may have gotten lost up in Kokkedal….but that’s besides the point. We got to teach in RS yesterday. And that’s always an experience! It went pretty! So that was really great! I am so grateful that I am finally to the point on my mission adn with my danish that I don’t have to panick when someone is talking to me….it’s such a wonderful feeling :D it makes teaching in church much, much easier! We taught on obedience to the commandments. And it was wonderful :) It’s amazing how much that really change our lives! Simple obedience. And sometimes it is to more general things like tithing, other times it’s more personal things, like go on a mission, or move to this place. But if we simply obey, then we open ourselves up to so many more opportunities and blessings! I’m so grateful for that :D

AND! Ok, speaking of blessings, I ran into Emilie Reimert, TWICE! I love that girl! The first time was on splits, she got on the bus I was on :D And the second time was going into the tempel! We were going down to change and she was coming up from the baptistry!! Oh, I love her :D I don’t think there is another joy that can quite compare with seing someone you taught in the tempel :) how wonderful! I just love her :D

Life is just wonderful over here :D I love Denmark SO much! Even though it is only the 18th of August and the tights have already come out…so sad. But I really do love this place and I love all the wonderful experiences and incredible people I get to meet! I feel so blessed :D

I hope you have a wonderful week!!

Søster Rigby

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