Uge 74 – Bobby pins make great screw drivers!

Ok. Well, lets start off with saying, hands down this week has been the craziest, most insane week of my mission thus far. Lets just add together transfers, training, a mini missionary and a baptism all in the course of one week and put Søster Rigby in the middle of it all….HA! My poor new companion got a serious basket case of a trainer and pretty sure I have to talked with Præsident Sederholm every day about something that was going down….

Monday: Transfer day. So, because I am now training I get awkwardly left without a companion for a couple of days until the new missionary meeting happens on wednesday. So, Søster Murray and I go down to the banegård and meet up with her new companion, and then Søster Handley and Søster Barret come with us and we hang out for a few hours until she heads off on the train to Slagelese. Så, Søster Handley and I are together! And I love that girl! We have lived together for about half of our missions now, so that’s been really fun! And then teh assistants come up to us and inform us that we are getting one of the departing missionaries because her parents are picking her up, but they’re not fly ing in until wednesday. So that’s a slight problem. Only we’ll get her sometime on tuesday….they give us noooo info. Fun stuff! So, there we go along our preparation day, and things went pretty smoothly…for the most part. At this point I’m still try ing to figure out what in the world is going on with the mini missionary casue I have been given no info. And we all know how well I do with that!

Tuesday: we get a call from Søs Sederholm at k. 6:35 saying that she is outiside our apt with the departing sister! that’s a little early for me…a tad. So she came and we just continued along our merry way. And then we had the baptismal interview, that was super long! Jette just really likes to talk :) Oh! And got a call from Præsident saying that we are getting a car next week! So that’s fun :D I’m really kind of excited about that! It’s going to cut down on travel times SO much! Especially with the training schedule – it’s an extra 1 1/2 hours of study time, so, cutting down on the travel getting to and from our area will be a great blessing!

Wednesday: New trainer meeting/getting our new companions! That was fun! Only sad part was that Jette was having a hard time with some things and all of us that could help her were in the new trainer meeting super far away and with no way to help, so I’m in a bit of a panick trying to help her, and thankfully there are 2 elders that were up, kind of in the area (Helsingør) – Elder Lester (served with him in Esbjerg) and Elder Sullivan (served with him in Odense) that just saved me! oh I was soooo grateful! It just continued to be a crazy day from there on out….but I won’t bore you with those details.

Thursday: lots of appts and tracking down a bike, and getting burned, and trying to get Søster Perkins checked into the country, and everything going wrong with the baptism. Lots and lots and lots of phone calls to Præsident. It’s not fun when people go over your head. Remember, who has authourity for what, and that we certainlyi do not have the authority to change Gods laws. Good things to remember :) I’m pretty sure I about killed Søster Perkins that day :( oops.

Friday: Finally have some things worked otu wtih the mini missionary, kind of. I at least have a game plan. We ended up having distrikt meeting that day, and I made it as far as getting a dress on and shoes. No make up. No hair, I even forgot PMG and my journal….you’d think I was still back in Missouri or something! So then, we finally get to go pick up the mini missionary…..and she’s 14. Well, normally not a problem except for the fact taht I had been in contact iwth her bishop and he informed me and assured me a few times that she was over 16. And in order to stay the night with us like she was supposed to, she is to be over 16. And if not she is to stay iwth a member. PRÆSIDENT! The poor guy, he just answered the phone and was feeling total pity for me :( well, she ended up staying with us and I dragged the poor girl around in the rain and even got off a wrong stog station…oops. Gotta love the rain right?? It ended up being a good night though :)

Ps. All the elders saw how stressed I was and called that night just to check on me. I have rocking elders!!!!

Saturday: Oh buddy. Well, we get the mini missionary off to the zone training that she was supposed to go to, and we head off to go contact some less actives. And sat next to this guy that was super interested! So that was way fun! We’ve got his number, and he was stoked to get a BOM and yea, it was great :D Made it to the baptism, and once again, thank you to Præsident who made everything ok :) He just came up to me and looked at me and put his arm around me (as I am baning my head in his shoulder might I add…) and he just kinda starts laughting and says are ya stressin a little bit?? I THINK SO!!!! HA! Oh man. He told me everything was ok and that he’d been praying for me :) cute! The baptism was wonderful :) Jette was sooo excited! She had a friend there, Anne, she was crying during the baptism and was super touched, and wants to be baptized! So that’s super exciting!! We have an appt with her on Saturday, but we think taht’s a little long to wait, so we’re going to try and stop by her thsi week :) And that night Søster Perkins bike broke….ha. oh heavens.

Oh and mini story to the baptism. Once again, the Helsingør elders tot he rescue! They got the baptism a few minutes late and had to run down and change out of their service clothes. Well, when they go down to change they hear something, and look in the baptismal font….the water is down to their knees!!!!!! Sot hey quickly plugged it back up and started the water again…THANK YOU HELSINGØR!!!

Sunday: well. You would think that the craziness is over since ya know, the baptism is done. you thought wrong! we get through with all the training and lunch and everything and head out for church – church is up in allerød and takes abotu 1 hour to get to and starts at 14:00. Well, we leave at 12:20 ish just to be sure. Normaally it takes abotu 1 min to get 1 stop on the train. Well, 10 minutes later I know somethign is up….so I call the elders to see if they know antying and they don’t. We start making it into KBH and realize, there has been so much rain the night before and that morning that the stog bane….uhhhh….the things the trains run on…the tracks! They’re drowned….so, that’s a slight problem. So we get off and catch a togbus – a bus that will run between the stations and hope on another train and get up there. Meanwhile we have now waited for 30 min for the tog bus, and got JAMMED onto the tog bus….like, if you ever thougth that y ou had personal space, you were SO wrong! And we all smell like wet dogs! So we finally make it up to Allerød and it’s now 2:45…a little late I think! And we then see the Helsingør Elders! And they both just start laughing at me….I was served with both of them as they weere trained, so that’s been kidna fun. And abotu 2 minutes later we run into another set of elders – one of which I have also served with…and they all just start laughing at me! It was sad….but so funny. Well, the Helsingør elders handed us their bikes so that we could make it to church. THANK YOU!! A trip that should have taken a little under 1 hour took us 3 1/2…ha. Good stuff! Again, you’d think it was over…nope! We make ti to church, sopping wet, and proceed to teach in ARMENIAN! There is an armenian family taht came to church adn we just whipped out a first lesson in english, danish and armenian. WHAT THE?! It was way good though :) They’re interested! So taht’s awesome. And then we tried to get home. That one only took us 2 1/2 hours.

I’m tired.

And I think I’ve killed pooooor Søster Perkins.

But really, she’s great! We’re looking forward to a really wonderful week :) Hopefully a little less crazy. I think Præsident is looking forward to that one!!

And through all of this, I’ve learned a few things. One, pay attention to the promptings you recieve! Two. Heavenly Father is there. He’s got ya. Especailly once you’ve done everything you can, and know how to. Three. There are others areound you that are more than willing to help out and reach out, especially when you’ve already done so much for them. Four. Everything will work out. Especially when you leave it in teh Lords hands. Five. Rely on those around you. This is the Lords work, and we’re not meant to do it alone.

And most importantly I have learned that God is there. He is intimately involved in every aspect of it. And sometimes he even maeks a couple of elders late to a baptism just to make sure that there is water in the font when we need it.

I know that is there – He exists and is our loving Heavenly Father. He is our best friend, our Savior and Redeemer and our older Brother. He is my best friend. And without Him, I am nothing and can do nothing. But with His help and guidance, I can conquer the world! I love Him, and am eternally indepted to Him for everything! I love the time that I have to be able to serve Him and be on His watch. It truly is precious!

I love you all! Thank you for everything!!

Have a wonderful week :D

Med Kærlig Hilsen,

Søster Rigby

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