Uge 73 – Iceland is blowing up.

God Dag Alle Sammen!!

It’s been another good week in the land of the sisters that travel all over Sjælland… :) Sometimes I feel like we are never in our area…I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes!

Well, to clear things up. Transfers happened today! Søster Murray peaced out to Gladsaxe 1, I am in Gladsaxe 2. So she went a really long ways….and I am training! So, I am currently awkwardly without a companion, but with Søster Handley for a couple of days cause she’s also training! So this will be quite the adventure. I get my new companion on wednesday (they fly in tomorrow). And then we also get a mini missionary from the stake on friday! And she apparntly doesn’t speak much english….and my new companion doesn’t speak much danish…and we have a baptism on saturday….start praying now!!! And, Icelands volcano is acting up and I guess it’s just a matter of time before it goes, and when it does it will shut down all European airlines….heh. So hopefully it doesn’t go in the next 48 hours!

The week was good! We were crazy busy, which is always fun :)

The biggest event of the week has of course, been Jette :) She’s doing really well! Lots of stress, but she’s doing well. We were with her yesterday morning and she found out that someone had tried to change her phone number and that her bank account had been hacked…at that point she had everything just shut off, and passwords changed, but she didn’t know what the damage was just yet. She’ll find that out today. We think it was her ex husband, but we’re not sure. I guess Satan is really unleashing all his powers to try and get her to not get baptized…So. It’ll be a crazy week! We have her baptismal interview tomorrow morning, and then she’ll be up in Kokkedal wednesday and thursday and hopefully we’ll get in to see her friday and then of course the baptism on saturday. She is so incredibly excited :D And I’m just excited for her! Susanne is having a party for her afterwards, so that’ll be fun. And I’m pretty sure everything else is worked out….the font is taken care of and so is the program and everyone is just thrilled! I have a feeling there’s going to be a lot of people there….it might even top Emilie Reimerts baptism last year!


And we’ve finally got some people that will let us come back and visit them. I’m not sure yet how many are super positive, but hey, they’ll let us come back :) That’s a start! Which I’m excited for :)

And I’m super excited to have my new missionary start out her mission with a baptism – that’s how it should be! I think it’ll be a wonderful experience for her :) Maybe a bit overwhelming with all the danish…but ya know. The first one I went to was english, danish and french, so this will be a bit genteler :)

Life is going really well! I’m really glad to be in Valby, living with Søster Handley! I just love that girl so much :D We have spent about half of our missions living together, and I’m so grateful!


Hopefully I don’t keel over in tiredness and stress this week…ha. But at least I’ve got a planner! I finally got one tracked down and got it yesterday. Until then, my planner for the week was going to be a wimpy little piece of paper…ha, oh the adventures!


We only got lost once….no twice this week. The first time we ended up in Kokkedal, totally by accident. And the second time was when we went to go help Jette and then got lost again in Kokkedal and couldn’t figure out the buses….and then ya know, it rains, as it likes to in Denmark :) Sometimes I think about how the website says that we are supposed to dress cute and professional and have our hair done and make up done, and then I think, yeah, and then stick us on an island in scandanavia, where it rains and blows all the time, and then on bikes. And you want me to look cute? HA! I just look like a wet puppy dog….but then it makes me feel better when everyone else does too :D I’m fitting in with the people! Yay :D


I think I’ve realized this week, more and more how powerful the power of prayer is. It really is the key to everything! But the thing is, it’s not just prayer that matters, it’s not just the words. There has to be meaning behind the words. If we just say, ‘Hey Heavenly Father, I know this person needs help, please help them’, that’s great and all, but what does it really do? When what we really should be saying is, ‘Heavenly Father, this person needs help, I’m going to go help them, please lead me to find the best way to help them.’ That’s so much more productive and will actually lead to the mirakels that we need. And it’s that way with everything in our lives! And the more we are proactive in our searching, the more we are asking for help, but at the same time acting with the knowledge that we have, the more mirakels we will see and a much better instrument in the Lords hands we will be and the more we will become like Him, because we will come to understand Him, who He is, what He does and why He does it. Which is kinda the point of this life, I think :) I guess it’s about time I start realizing these things! But I am grateful for it, no matter how long it might take :)

Well, I’m looking forward to the insanity of the week :D It will most certainly be an adventure!

See ya soon!

Søster Rigby

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