Week 9 – Tornado’s, Spaceships and Baptisms!!

Ok. So this week. Funniest week ever! First off, we’re teaching….a TON! I love it! But here’s a basic rundown of a few of the investigators we’re teaching.

John Blair – He’s pretty cool. Has a million degrees in religion, but has been questioning his standing with God. So, that’s been hard to see. But, he is amazing, truly. He is so sweet. And! He came to church with us for the last two weeks!!! SO great! He lives just down from us at our apartment complex, so teaching him is super convenient. And he’s reading the BOM and praying. Which, is huge. Like, real big. He’s doing it! And, he’s getting baptized! Well, he doesn’t really know it for sure yet, but he wants to. And we want him to. And. Well. It’s happening. So. Yup.


And the Zazueta family – Part member, less active. Dad is getting baptized on the 15th. They are SUCH and incredible family!! When we invited him to be baptzied about a week ago, everyone was crying and mom said that this was the moment she’d been waiting for for the last 9 years. They’re going to the temple. They’re going to be eternal. For sure!

And Brian – ok. He is a family we are teching. But everyone is waiting for him to figure out what he is doing. But, quick story. By the way, he’s getting baptized. We’re shooting for the 22nd, but he is pretty sure his wife is going to be out of town. So we might have to wait. But, it’s happening. Anyways, we go in to teach him the no smoke program on Wednesday and the first step is to crush up all the cigarrettes and throw them away. Well. He’d already done that. He got rid of them from the house, from work, from the car. And he had all the lighters in one place and was going to dispose of them right after we left. Seriously!!! This guy is legit!!!

So, here is my Friday night. We’re in a members home teaching. And the investigator that we’ve been working with for awhile says he’s got some questions. So, he starts asking us about revelation. Cool. We answer what we can. And then asks us about Noah’s ark. So we start telling him. And then says that he believes that the boat was actually a spaceship and that it hovered over the water. WHAT?! We were all a little dumbfounded. Thank heavens for the spirit to help us out on that one…..but at the exact same time he’s saying this, the tornado alarms start ringing. So, we hunker down in the families basement for about an hour. It was such a random night!!! Honestly!

And, we baptized a ridiculously cool lady on Saturday – her name is Donna. She got out of the water and was literally jumping for joy!!! It was the most amazing thing ever!!! Oh. Wow. And she’s already bringing people into the church! Love this woman!!!

Oh. And another funny image…ha. SUPER funny image….me, little white girl from Spokane, WA sitting in church, speaking ebonics, sitting between two big burly black men with dreads. About 6’5”, 250lbs. BAHAHAHA.


I was reading in Jacob 5 this week and found something super cool. Short synopsis….v 70-77. It talks about missionary work and the millenium. Go read it. But what I really loved from it is this – that the Lord is right there with us, working with us. And at this important time He has called ever more missionaries to come to teach His people, His children. He loves ALL of us SO much!!!! And if we, as people of the covenant, can labor with all our might, mind and strength, WITH the Lord, then the work will be done! It will be accomplished, and we can stand before God at the last day, and be able to say we did all that we could. And in v 76…He is continually doing all that He can. He never gives up on us. He never says, I have done all that I can, this person is on their own. No. He says, lets try again. Lets do this another way. Lets try something different. The Lord is ALWAYS there. No matter what. No matter where we are, what we’ve done, or anything else, He is there. Always. And thank heavens for that! I am SO grateful for the Lord and all that He does and for Him allowing me to be able to serve a mission! Truly, a great, huge, humongus blessing in my life.

I love you all!!! Thanks for the letters and emails :) You rock!!! They are much appreciated, and I promise, I will write back as SOON as I can!


Soster Rigby


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on “Week 9 – Tornado’s, Spaceships and Baptisms!!
One Comment on “Week 9 – Tornado’s, Spaceships and Baptisms!!
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