Week 13 – Mini Missionaries, Minister Husbands and HUMIDITY!!!!

Well, this week has been super crazy!! And when I say crazy…I mean it. Oh man. By the time we got to Sunday we all looked at each other and went, did that really happen?! And yeah, it really did.

So Monday was HOT! We played ultimate with the distrikt and it was 93* with 60% humidity. Yeah. We drank a TON of water that night. And it was that way most of the week. I don’t think I ever knew what hot really meant until I got here!!

Tuesday was good. We got to talk to a ton of people and get some things worked out. It’s amazing to me how when you have all these appointments scheduled and everything drops, that it’s really just so that Heavenly Father can get you where He really needs you.

Wednesday – HA! We get a call from the zone leader’s and they’re like can you come to the church building? So we said “sure….why?” “Oh because you’re getting a mini missionary!” So, we got a mini! Her name is Sister Nelson and she’s from Jefferson City. So that was cool! We went to go contact some less actives….and then it started pouring rain! And thundering and lightning!!! Coolest thing ever!!!! I seriously love the storms out here!!

Thursday – We went and taught a recent convert, who is….SO STINKING FUNNY!!!! Oh my goodness. He is this old black man that honestly, I can barely understand sometimes! So funny!! There’s this whole story on how he doesn’t know who his real dad is – his mom has told him all his life it’s one person, but when he went to get his birth certificate it says that it’s someone else, but she says that he somehow changed the name on his birth certificate. Anyways, he’s trying to do family history so he can take those names to the temple and he kinda needs that info. So he has us call his mom!! And…they are definitely related! Bahahaha. So then she tells him to call her back once we have left – he calls us his sisters in Christ :D So, he calls her back and just tells us to be quiet! Ha. And she asks him why in the world he’s still going to that white people church and tells him that he needs to come back to his black people church. Oh boy, I love this woman and I haven’t even met her! Oh, and he was married to Al Capone’s niece who lives right next door that we are supposed to go teach. So. That’s fun.

Friday was one of those mind blowing days where you get home and you’re supposed to plan…but realize that all brain cells were used about 6 hours prior. Ha. I guess grad school should have prepared me for that! We met with the bishop of the ward who is a super cool guy! He was in the Navy for 20 something years as a Master Chief Commander. Yup. He’s intense! But SO cool!! So we got lots and lots and lots of things worked out with him and his sweet wife (who he calls the 4 star admiral :D) and we are going to start putting all this stuff in place in the next few weeks. Super excited for that! And then the minister husband happened….we went to go teach an investigator and instead of just saying no, I’m good with my faith, I don’t want to meet with you anymore, she sicks her minister husband on us!! He comes in ‘randomly’ through our appointment and is so desperate to save our souls that he starts telling us all the ways that we are wrong and how nothing we could ever do in this life would help us to return to our Heavenly Father. I ended up asking him at one point why Jesus was baptized and he couldn’t answer! It really just made me so sad! It was heartbreaking to see someone that wanted so much to help other people, but someone that simply just doesn’t understand the scriptures. It’s so interesting to me how if people actually knew what we believed and what we actually do in the temple, they would have no trouble believing it! But because they are not willing to listen, or be open, they aren’t getting to understand and be a part of it. The church really is true!!

Saturday – We went all around a place called Foristell and contacted people. And saw a TON of storms. And stuffed ourselves to no end!! And then went to a members house – love them! Mommy and Daddy – you two would be best friends with them. Truly! And their little girl loves me :) And I love her! She’s so sweet!!

Sunday – wow. Missionaries spend a lot of time at church. But it was good! And we had to drop off our mini :( that was sad! I really liked her! But we get our bedroom floor back…so that’s nice. We had 4 sisters stuffed into our little one bedroom apartment. That was an adventure!!

And today we went grocery shopping and ran into a sister in the ward…and she paid for our groceries!!!! Such a sweet, sweet lady!! Yeah, missionaries are so spoiled!! And then we made a huge breakfast for the distrkit. That was yummy!! Biscuits and gravy and hash browns and bacon. It was a gooooooood breakfast!!

So that’s the rundown of the week. It’s been good! Not at all what we had planned, but I’m coming to learn that nothing is ever as we plan, ever. But it is what the Lord has planned and that means more than anything else ever could! I know He is charge, no matter what. And the closer we stay to the spirit, the more able we are to understand things, and answer others questions, and our own! The closer we are to the spirit, the more we are able to follow His plan, and His plan is ALWAYS better than our own. And for that I am grateful!! I know this is His church – this is the very gospel that Christ set up so long ago, and this is the gospel that He would have us be a part of now! We truly do have the power of the Priesthood on the earth today and we have the ability to make sacred covenants with our Father. What an incredible gift that is!!!

I love you guys!!

Sister Rigby