Week 12 – Transfers, Ball Pythons and Leadership Conferences!!!

So weird that this is my 12th week on my mission….it really does feel like I just entered the MTC! Seriously. Anyways, transfers happened this week and I am now in Lake St Louis! It’s SUPER pretty out here….there’s a lake. Obviously. And we go by it basically every day. And it’s torture. But, it’s pretty, so I guess that makes up for it.

But….last week. So, Sunday the ward found out we were leaving and basically everyone was super sad! I just really loved that ward!!! It was SO amazing!! But this family that I had gotten super close with – the Bailey’s (the husband had served his mission in Danmark) – said that before we left we had to come over so she could make us friakdeler!! Oh. Yeah, that happened. I mean lets be real, what missionary is going to turn down free, delicious, heaven sent food? Not me. So, we went on Pday and had frikadeler, kartofleurs og rod kod. Danish meatball things, potatoes and red cabbage. YUM!!!! I will never have to worry about food when I eventually get to Danmark. And then on Tuesday we went to say goodbye to one of my most favorite investigators/convert!! John. We just sat outside and talked with him for awhile and he gave us all roses!!! How sweet!! He was just like girls, you mean so much to me, you’ve brought me back to Christ and showed me the way. I will forever be grateful to you for that. Oh goodness. I love that man!

And then Wednesday was transfers. And holy monkey. Crazy day!! But, it’s all good. We made it! And ps. There were parts of WG that were like…hood. Ha. I know, little white girl. Whatever. But now I’m in….back woods. So, my English is getting a little funky!

And Thursday was distrikt mode. So we had that. And the AP’s were there. And they were just asking me about how I felt still being here blah blah blah. And they said yeah we were super sad when we got the phone call and were like hey! everyone got their visas!….except Sister Rigby. Cool. But then they asked me how I felt about being transered. And I just said, it was good…I like the area. I was kinda shocked, I didn’t think I’d leave WG before I got to Danmark, but feel like I can officially say that I served in St Louis because I’ve been in 2 areas, 2 distrikts, 2 zones with 4 different companions for about 2 months. So that’s cool. And I guess I’m the 2nd ever visa waiter to get transfered. So. COOL!

And because I love quotes…here were some super awesome ones from this week!

  • “Be willing to march into Hell for a Heavenly cause.”
  • “Always be worthy of a mission call.”
  • “Missionary work is a rising tide and a rising tide raises all ships.”

And something SUPER cool that I learned this week!!! I was focusing a lot on charity – it had just really been on my mind a lot. There were some thing that people had said that just weren’t sitting well. So, I kept thinking about it. And one of the comments that was made was I just want to make you happy. And as I kept thinking about it, I realized that this person that kept saying this wasn’t saying it for the benefit of others, but for the benefit of themselves. Even though the end result was a good outcome to look for and to work for, the intention wasn’t good and that’s why good things weren’t happening. And so while I was looking at charity in Moroni 7 it occurred to me that charity is the pure love of Christ. It’s love. That’s what it’s all about. If we are doing things because we love people, then those good things and those good outcomes will happen. But if we are doing things to benefit ourselves – to help us to feel better, or to make us look better, or do better, even though the outcome is a good thing, it’s not going to work out because the intention isn’t good. But as we love people then what we are doing is going to be, truly for the benefit of others because we will have true charity. And also, at the end of the spiel on charity it says that whosoever is found possessed of this gift at the end it shall be well with him. And I thought…DUH! Cause it’s the pure love of Christ, and we are commanded to be like Him, and if we have charity, then we have His love, then we are acting like Him, therefore we have become like Him and that’s what we are commanded to do! That’s the whole reason that we are on this earth – to become like Him! So. I’m going to go work on that whole having charity thing….Yup.

Ok. And the missionary leadership broadcast thing!!! SO COOL!!! Oh my goodness. Missionary work is CHANGING!!! LIKE CRAZY!!!!! I can’t wait to see how all of this happens. It’s going to be absolutely incredible!!!!! AHH!!! Just. Yeah. I left my journal at home so I don’t remember all of everything, but…go watch. It’s amazing!  http://www.lds.org/church/news/members-and-missionaries-to-partner-in-work-of-salvation?lang=eng  Missionaries on facebook??? And way more computer time to be connecting with people to work that way?! And also, they really don’t want us tracting…so SO much more member involvement! Which really is the key to this whole thing….we neeeeeeed the members. Desperately! That’s the absolute best way that this all happens. You know the people, you have relationships with them. We need you!!!! Ahh. Ok, but really, go watch it and then do something about it! It’s so cool!!!!!

Thanks for everything :) I’m SO grateful to be a missionary at this really exciting time! So much is happening and I get the incredible opportunity to be a part of it all! I feel so blessed and privelged to be able to do this. I know how much Heavenly Father loves all of His children and He wants all of us to come back to Him. And He has provided so much to us, and we, those that know this gospel and have been blessed to have it in our lives have such a huge responsibility to share it! I wish I had understood this more before I came out on my mission, but I am glad that I understand it now and can devote the next year and a half of my life to doing just that! I love this gospel and am SO grateful for my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ!

Jeg elsker dig!

Soster Rigby