Uge 31 – Jeg er faktisk amerikansk!

Ok, so funny thing from the week, I had someone ask if I was a nun, someone else tell me I looked like I was from Mexico and another ask if I was European because there was no way that I was an amerikan….BAHAHAHA! SO FUNNY! I have no idea why. But I am definitely amerikan!

Sidste mandag we had a HUGE storm! It was crazy! Danmark basically shut Down! And there was SO much destruction! It was cool. Reminded me a lot of the nasty Wind storm we had in Ogden a couple years ago. We lost power for a while, our flag pole broke into 3 pieces. It was quite the adventure! I loved it! Needless to say, we didn’t go to our appointments that night :)

Oh and daddy, you’re going to LOVE this! I was on the gå gade the other day and we were just walking through and this guy was on his accordian rocking out to achy breaky Heart. SERIOUSLY!! I thought of you daddy :)

Oh and this other day, we were helping this Family move and let me just say, I have moved my fair share of danes, and they do not know how to pack. At all. Ever. I’m pretty sure they don’t know the concept of a box….yup. They’re funny. I love them! Anyways, we’re moving this Family and it starts pouring….I mean….pouring!!!! Normally there’s quite a bit you can do to stay dry, quite a bit. But this day, there was nothing. At all. We got wet. Ok, actually, we got soaked! And we were like that for about 5 hours. And then we changed, and went and taught people! It was great! I love teaching people about Jesus! It’s the best!

And it’s officially Cold here. I’m wearing two pairs of tights. Socks. Gloves. Hats. Scarves. Yup. Cold. Really, really Cold.

Another funny Danish moment…we were at an eating appt on tirsdag and we were having dessert and it was like this creme stuff….yeah. kinda like the inside of a ding dong. anyways, it’s also pretty common here in the thing called a følde bolle. It’s ridiculouly hard to say. It’s like rød glød med fløde. it’s just ridiculously hard! anyways, I’m trying to say this to this sweet old lady that made us dinner – another fiesty old lady :D I love them!! And she is super patient with our Danish! it’s so great! so I’m trying to say it and søster murry knows exactly what I’m talking about, but Mette is SO confused! she’s trying SO hard!! she finally gives up and goes and get her dictionary – ordbog. Literally Word book. And she hands it to me, so I find the first Word and she looks at me and she’s like OH! Fløde bolle!! Ok, I thought you were saying foldbold!…soccer. It was so funny! I love those moments, and they happen wayyyyy more often than I would like to admit!

And we got to meet with Janet Again! She’s SO great! She is reading lots and having lots of questions! Hopefully she will come to church this week. She has been in Århus the last few weeks so she hasn’t been able to come, sadly. But she’s really sweet! And is really thinking about a lot of Things! I am SO grateful!

And we met with Aura….she’s is a mexican….that can talk….alot. A lot. A lot. But she’s cool. Loves the bible and has a very strong belief in Christ! Now we just got to get her to church….not sure how that will happen, but it will! We have been trying to get ahold of her for quite a few weeks now, and it finally happened!

And we had transfer calls! I’m staying and so is Søster Bartholomew :D so excited about that! the NeXT transfer is the week before Christmas and I don’t think præsident will shake Things up too much.

But on a cool note we get two thanksgivings! one with the zone and one with members! and all the missionaries on the Island. not gonna lie, super stoked about that one. a couple of cute old ladies are putting that one on – one of them  is my cute fiesty old lady! mette. love her!

oh! and we met with this other old lady that just needs some love :) she’s super cute! and a way goood artist!  she drew a Picture of mig og søster bartholomew. it’s great :D

Another adventure….I bought a bike. BAHAHAHAAHAHAHA. me, on a bike, in a skirt, in the rain. funniest thing you ever did see right there! but it’s a pretty sweet bike. it’s 25 years old and is called the flying dutchman. it’s great! we found this shop where this guy WHO used to be a plane mechanic has made fixing bikes his hobby. he’s super nice! so i got my bike from him and he said that whenever I have troubles with it i can bring it to him and he’ll fix it for me :) he even put new tires on it! how sweet!

Life is good :) I love being here! It’s a beautiful and wonderful and amazing place to be! I love being able to testify of and learn more about my Savior. He really does love us and is ALWAYS there to help us and guide us and I am so incredibly thankful for that! I’m also definitely learning how to not be a perfectionist….yup. That one has taken awhile, but it’s definitely settling in :D I love the Lord, I love being a missionary and I really LOVE the gospel! It’s amazing and SO incredibly perfect! I hope you all are having a wonderful week!!

Ha’ det godt!

Søster Rigby

ps. funny note for the day. people at the library do weird Things. like the two men that are sitting next to me. one of them is helping the other to fill out info on some dating website. and the one guy is like ‘oooh, jeg kan siger ‘piiiiiiiiger’ så alle dem kan godt lige mig’. BAHAHAAH. Ok, translation…I can say ‘giiiiiiiiirls’ so all of them will like me. and my other favorite line ‘jeg kan godt lige rejse. kan du lige rejse også?’ i love traveling…do you like traveling to? bahahhahahahaha. so funny! and this other guy sitting next to me, he is some kind of…..not Danish. ha. anyways, he’s downloading something onto his phone when all of a sudden it goes off and it’s some 80’s robotic i’m taking over the World tune. HA! people are SO stinking funny!

Week 31 Pictures