Uge 32 – Danmark and it’s mist.

So something super weird that danmark has been doing a lot of lately is misting. It’s not quite rain, it’s just awkward. And cold. and it’s ALL the time! It’s SO werid! anyways, it makes it quite fun when you’re outside all the time. But one thing I am VERY grateful for is my heated floors. those are BEAUTIFUL! I love them SO much! That is such a blessing!

well, not much time now, so this is going to be QUICK! had a lesson with a guy named bendy . ha. he’s a funny sarcastik danish man. I cannot understand a word he says! but he thinks he’s really funny! it’s a good thing that grethe comes with us to his appointments cause….ha, they’re adventures! and she’s just as sarcastik as him! so it’s great!

and we had another lesson with janet! she’s really opening up to us and we’re starting to become friends! which is so great! she wants us to meet with her kærster – boyfriend – now to! it’s so great! so hoepfully we’ll get that arranged soon! she wasn’t able to come to church this week, but she said she would come this sunday! so keep praying for that one!

and we had something called hot dog tea with a man named robert – he is a less aktive that the seden ældste are working with. they found him a couple weeks ago. He is this super funny old man from england – more specifically from jersey. ha! he’s SO funny! he even compared one of the ældste to his dog….BAHAHAAHAH! I DIED laughing! it was SO funny! ok, and momma, this may or may not be appropriate….whatever. we were there and there was this litle boy named philip, he’s 3, and he was throwing this ball around so I took it and sat on it. well he came up to me and said where is my ball and proceeded to stick his hand down my shirt! it was the funniest thing ever! and then a few minutes later I went to go stand up and sister bartholomew was sittiing on my skirt and my skirt did not come with me when I stood up! it was SO bad!! oh man. that was the same day that my bike got stolen. it was rather funny! such a random, weird day!

and we found an investigator yesterday! her name is julie and she is the wife of a less aktive in the ward. we have another appt with her in a little bit, so that’s good!
and this week is going to be a bit crazy! we have exchanges tomorrow here in odense, zone konference and thanksgiving on wednesday, and thursday we are going to copenhagen to go to the temple with nynne! so excited! it’s going to be nuts! i love it!

well….not much time. so….have a good week!!!

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