Uge 33 – Templet i København!

Det var en rigtig fantastisk uge!! Vi havde det SÅ godt! It was crazy! So, tirsdag we had exchanges. And those are always adventures! We had some appts and things, so that was good! And I got to be with Søster Tew again. We went to go find some less aktives and that’s always fun! Ha, especially with the Danish mist stuff going on. Anyways, we went to find this one and we come up to his door and we can see stuff sitting on the window sill. There are two little tinfoil things with leaves on them and a little cup with a musher thing. And I just start busting up laughing. And Søster Tew is like….what? It’s just leaves. She had no idea what it was! She’s from Idaho Falls :) Anyways, I was talking to our distrikt ledere the next day – he’s from Maine – and I told him what had happened, and he was like, of course the sister from washington knew exactly what that was! It was so funny :D I love my life!

And we got to have a fantastik lesson with Janet! We invited her to baptism and she said that if she finds out that it’s true that she would! So that’s wayyy cool! Only hickup, she’s moving to Århus in January. But, no fear. We have friends in Århus :) And she came to church!! So that was WAY cool!!  We had her come early and we gave her a tour of the bldg and she could remember a whole bunch of it! And she remembered a bunch of people too! And they remembered her :) so cool! And at the end of sacrament we sang I am a Child of God and efter she was like hey, is there an english version to this song? so I told her what it was and she said I remember this! My mom used to sing this to me every night as a good night song! I love it! And I really like this song! I love what it teaches about! So that was SUPER cool! Hoping for good things from this sweet girl :D

And! Thursday was also SUPER good! We went to templet with Nynne! It was seriously such an incredible experience :D We got to do baptisms with her as well! It reminded me so much of when I used to do them in college all the time. And she just had a wonderful experience! We might have forgotten to tell her that she would be baptized for more than one person….for about 15….oops. Ha. It was fun though! And we got to do a session – totally unexpectedly! So taht was WAY cool!!!! It was just a super good day :)

Oh! And we already got invited for Jule aften – the real day of Christmas, on the 24th. Not the 1st day of Christmas, or the day before, or the day after, the day after the day after Christmas – Danes celebrate all of them! I am definitely adopting that tradition!! :D Anyways, we get to spend Jule Aften with the Jensens! I’m so excited!!! They are seriously the best family ever! I just love them :)  And they fully believe in spoiling the missionærer – espeically the sisters. Which I am totally ok with!

And I got another bike – well 2. One that the ward is holding onto for when this bike gets stolen :) Ha. I love them!

And that was my week :D It was a pretty great one for sure!

Jeg elsker jer! Jeg håb at du har haft en fantastisk uge også! Alle jeres er de bedste og jeg er så dybt taknemlig for jer!


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Søster Rigby


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