Uge 37 – ba SÅ merkylig at næste uge er jul! og Søster Bartholomew skal flytte :(

Ok, so here’s the craizness of the week. Lets start with Søster Bartholomew is transfering :( she’s going to Slagelse on Sjælland. At least she’s going to Sjælland – I love that island! And I am getting Søster McVey – she was also in my distrikt in the MTC. So that’s way great that I already know her :)

Another crazy thing for the week, we are getting our apartment back next week! So that’s also really good, but crazy :) I think that is honestly the best way to describe the life of a missionær….crazy! 

We decided this to sing to some people that had told us they were not interested in the gospel and it has been AMAZING the mirakels that have happened! One of the nights we went out and we were singing with the seden elders and they were like hey, lets stop by and sing to the lady that lives next door to us. So, we did. And she LOVED it! We invited her to come to the Jule Guds Tjeneste and she was like no, I’m actually going to be with family that day in Svendborg and they will all go to the Danske Folke Kirke, but I don’t. I just think it’s really sad how we all say that we are Christian, but we only go to church on Christmas. So, we invited her again to other services and she said that 10am won’t work, but as soon as we change in the new year that she would be more than willing to come! And a member has already said that he and his wife will gladly pick her up and take her :)

Another cool mirakel from singing this week, we had received a whole street of names and cute notes from this sweet older lady in our ward who had actually invited us and seden elders and Robert – a formerly less aktive member – to dinner. So we thought, hey, we’ll just go an hour early, sing to all these people and then go have dinner with her. So we went and it was good….ha. We got lights turned off on us, doors shut in the middle of singing, people who saw us and walked away. Ha. It was rather sad. We got a few doors and just kept smiling and laughing the whole time! Well, we got done and had about 20 min before dinner was supposed to start, so we decided to just go sing to random people. So we knock on this door and this older lady answers, enjoys the musik for a second and leaves. About a minute later she comes back with her husband who starts singing with us! It was SO cool! And then they invited us in :) We got to talk to them for awhile and they LOVE having missionaries! So I think we will definitely be back :) They also gave told us to go sing to their neighbors :) So sweet! The next day, we’re at church and Gerd – the lady that gave us her whole street to sing to – comes up to us and says that her neighbors just loved it! She had gotten a text later that night that just said how wonderful it was and how grateful she was for the sweet thought. And then that morning just before church she had another lady come to her door crying! She said that yesterday (the day that we sang to her) was her husbands birthday – he had died about a year ago. She was so sad, and just having a really hard day and wanted to know that someone cared, that someone loved her. And we showed up. It was just a HUGE testimony to me of how much Heavenly Father knows and loves His children :) So amazing! 

This family gave us a name of a sweet old lady in the neighborhood that they thought would be good. When we knocked on her door and started singing, she just started singing with us and teared up a little. I just looked at her and it occurred to me that this sweet woman lives alone and probably doesn’t have a whole lot of friends, but just by this simple gesture we were able to show her that someone really does know her and does care about her! It was just incredible :) That is an experience I will NEVER forget!

Oh! And friday we went singing/contacting on the gå gade with a bunch of returned missionaries and a bit of a sad moment happened, I started talking to this lady and she asked what church we were from, so I told her. And she said oh, I’m from the ….I forgot which church, but another church. And at this point she switched to english and would NOT speak danish with me. I said I’m sorry, I haven’t been in Odense very long, I don’t know that church. She proceeds to pat me on the face and say, I know dear, I can hear it in your voice. Ok, talk about DEPRESSING! I know my danish isn’t THAT great….but I didn’t think it was that bad either! And everytime I would go to talk to someone, they would respond to me in english, not danish. That was sad. Well, we got on the bus to head out to Næsby to sing to people out there and I ended up sitting next to this lady and we just started talking! We started talking and she was telling me all about her kids, she’s getting a grandson on the 19th of this month. Oh and by the way, I’m called by a Prophet of God to come to Danmark and teach the gospel. And she said that she had known missionaries before! That her mom was a member in Svendborg a LONG time ago! Well, she gave me her number! It was so great! 

Basically, the week has just been really good. I’m super excited about all of the incredible things that are happening! I never knew that God really was so aware of His children. He loves us SO much and I just am SO lucky and so blessed to be a part of all of this :) I love being a missionærer and there is absolutely NOTHING else in this world that I would rather be doing right now! So, that’s been the week! I love you all!! Thank you for everything! You’re the best!!

Mange kærlighed,

Søster Rigby

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