Uge 47 – Vi har solskin tilbage!!! – 02/24/14

So this week we officially got the sun back :D After the month of January and getting a whole of 17 hours of sunlight for the entire month…I am really glad to have sun back. Really grateful!!


Highlights of the week. Life ROCKS!


We got to see Nynne again :D And I love that girl! She’s soooo great :) And I got to see Benjamin walking!! That was soooo cool :)


And we got to see the Hansens – I LOVE THEM!! We made individual pizza’s with them and basically just had a blast :) We taught the 10 commandments playing go fish. It was great :) and such a cool moment!! We told Matias that if he could memorize 3 of them then we would give him a root beer – and that worked miracles!! ahhh! that kid is just the greatest :D and Bo is reading a book for the first time in 20 years :) I love the Spirit!! It’s just the greatest mirakel worker in the world!!!! I am soooo excited for their family :) and he told us that we had better still be coming after the baptism – heaven’s yes!!!


And Hellen texted us and said she was going to be late to an appt with us because her roommate had just come home with 5 hamsters and a parrot. That was an adventure!


Oh yeah. And I am no officially on cycle nummer 4. Ha. Oh heavens. Maybe this one won’t get stolen!!


And ya know, life is just super fabulous. I’m down to one pair of tights. We have SUN!!! I missed that thing. I love Odense and today is my 7 month mark in the land. Holy smokes! I can’t believe that I have lived here for that long…that’s just so crazy to me! But so good :)


Basically the moral to the story is, I love being a member of God’s kingdom on earth today. It’s just the best thing in the whole world! I love knowing who I am and who I can be. I love knowing that all I have to do is try and great, wonderful things will come of that effort. I love knowing that I’m not perfect, and I don’t have to be. I love knowing that with His help I can do and become anything in the world! I love knowing that above all else, He loves me. And I am His child. And nothing will ever change that.

I hope you all have a wonderful week! Life is good! No matter how hard it is, life is good :D

Mange Kærlighed,

Søster Rigby

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