Uge 51 – Ugen af velsingelse….for real!

God morgen!!

So, good stuff going on this week! The biggest exciting adventure is Katherine :) So excited about her!! Lasse brought her to church last week and she loved it :) And then by ‘pure revelation’ we made an appointment with him just to share a message and he texted us the night before and said hey, Katherine is coming with her 3 yr old daughter. I just want this to be a get to know you kind of thing, so don’t prepare anything to teach. Ha. And then at the end he says to Katherine, now normally at the end of eating appointments the missionaries usually share a spiritual thought….thanks Lasse. Ha. Well, the elders were there and took that one. They basically just talked about how God loves us and how we can see that love in our lives. It was really good! Oh, and right at the beginning of that she asked us if we were going to be at church on sunday, and of course we said yes, and she said well good, because I think I’m going to come with Freja – Lasse wasn’t going to be there cause he was going to be in KBH…well, at the end she said I’m coming on sunday! I’ll see you there! Sunday rolls around and she comes :) with her cute little 3 yr old! And she had a wonderful time :) Right after sacrament meeting the bishop came up to her and was talking with her for awhile….ha. we weren’t sure if she was going to make it to gæsteklasse or not. But she did :) we just started a few minutes late. We watched the Finding Faith in Christ video, and she cried at the end :) it was really sweet! Another member of the ward started talking to her about it and Katherine said you know, this is a whole other world for me! I’ve never felt this before. My parents aren’t believers, we’ve never gone to church, but I feel something here! And the member of the ward said you know, that’s the Spirit you’re feeling. Sometimes it makes us cry. But that’s the Spirit telling you that there is something here, something that you need to pay attention to. It was just really sweet :) I’m so grateful for members! And a few minutes later Katherine and I were talking and she said I was talking to the bishop and he said that there are people that can give me grundlæggende lektionerne, is that you guys? Yes. Can you give those to me? YES!!!! Oh heavens, that is a definite yes!!! And then we ended up starting primary and just singing songs last minute because the primary president had to go around and announce stuff. Well, Katherine ended up staying in there with us and her cute daughter and we just sang songs, and both Katherine and Freja sang with us!!!! It was SO cute! Talk about serious amounts of spirit right there….Ah. Such a good day in church yesterday :) We have an appointment set up on wednesday (ps. she’s starting family home evening with Lasse and a couple other members of the ward…..ha. so we’re going to crash family home evening on wednesday and start teaching her :D) so excited!! Goodness. Life is just so wonderful! 

I am just so incredibly amazed at how much Heavenly Father LOVES us! He is so incredibly aware of us and wants to help us with absolutely everything He can! We just have to let Him in. I’ve been studying a talk this week – Cast Away Therefore Not Your Confidence by Ældste Holland – and one o the ting i det he says I just LOVE! He talks about Moses and crossing the red sea and how He didn’t really know how it was going to happen. He just saw that he had a major problem – the egyptians were coming, he had sand dunes on both sides and a lot of water in front of him. But the Lord said step into the water and cross. He says that that probably wasn’t Moses first thought, lets part the red sea and walk across – let’s be honest, who would think of that? I’d be thinking, crap. that’s a long ways to swim. let’s go! but the Lord told him what to do and he did it! and everything turned out well! He says that just because it hasn’t happened before doesn’t mean that it can’t happen now. And i love that thought! It’s such a comfort to me to know that just because it hasn’t happened before, doesn’t mean that it can’t happen now. What a blessing it is to know that we’re not limited in ANYTHING we do! The God of Heaven and Earth, the very Being that created us, the one that created the universe, and all that is in it, is our loving Heavenly Father. He is our Dad. He loves us. He will move heaven and earth to ensure that we are happy. We just have to ask. Or in my case, bat my eyes a little bit ;) But seriously, He is there for us. And even though we may have egyptians behind us, dunes on the sides and whole ton of water in front of us, He will provide us a way to get out. It may be dune buggies to get over the sand, a big ol boat (that might make us sea sick, but will still get us across) or dry ground through the sea, He will provide the way. And that I am completely convinced of! He loves us wayyyyy to much to do anything else. 

I love you guys! I’m so grateful for the wonderful chance that I have to serve a mission and be here and learn and serve so many other people! It is such an incredible blessing! Thank you for all that you do!! 

Jeg elsker jer!!

Mange kærlighed, 

Søster Rigby

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