Uge 50 – MATIAS BLEV DØBT I GÅR!! – 03/17/14


Well, the week has been good! Really good! I adore Søster Vige :) I feel like her and I are seriously on the same wave link…all the time! It’s so funny! She’s just a really great girl, and a rockin missionary! I’m so excited to serve with her! And we’ve discovered that we can’t make cookies to save our lives…..ha.

Esbjerg is….funny. Ha. It’s a whole lot smaller than Copenhagen or Odense…a lot smaller! It reminds of small town Utah actually. Just a lot more wind. Which is really fun in a skirt. Definitely small town. But I love them :) They really are very wonderful people and have a whole lot potential and are doing so much good! I can’t wait to start working with them more and get to meet their friends and their family :) Actually! We went over to go have dinner with this less active member and she was teaching this guy danish and she then invited him to stay for dinner! And then invited…well, more like told him that he was coming next week too! And he didn’t argue :) ha. So funny! And another member brought this girl to church…we think they’re starting to date. Anyways, they came to gæsteklasse and we sat next to them and he told her that she was going to go to the next class with us! So we took her and she actually knows lots of members! And she asked for a teachings of the living prophets book and so we went and found one and got it to her. We asked her if she wanted a Book of Mormon, and she said she would love one, but she wanted one, but she wanted one with a kærlig hilsen from the guy that brought her. Ha. We never got a chance to talk to him after church or anything, but he texted us a bit later and said good going sisters! she felt the Spirit many times!! and he has a Book of Mormon that he is going to write in and give it to her :D So excited!!

Oh yeah! And the most important and coolest thing in the world….MATIAS WAS BAPTIZED YESTERDAY!!! oh! It was the most amazing and incredible day in the world! The Spirit was just so strong! I am so grateful that I was able to be there and be a part of this wonderful experience with these wonderful people! I just love and adore them so much!! :D And can I just say, when Ældste Ivie confirmed him, oh goodness, it was INCREDIBLE! The Spirit was just SO strong! And that was the most incredible danish I have ever heard him speak! And Søster Ivie said the closing prayer in danish!!! She never speaks danish! Ever! But she did then! Oh. It was just incredible! The Spirit in that meeting was just so strong! I am so incredibly grateful for the time that I had in Odense to meet these wonderful people, to learn from them and with them and just to be a part of their family! And make that ward my family! I had another member of the ward come up to me yesterday, one that I wasn’t too close with, but had talked with a few different times, and he just told me how much Odense missed me and how much of an impact I had made on that ward and all the members there and how they were all just so grateful for the time that I had been able to be there. AND I CRIED!! Oh man. I am just so incredibly grateful for that incredibly wonderful experience in that amazing ward! A lot of times it felt as though I wasn’t doing a whole lot, I wasn’t moving much forward, I wasn’t making much of a difference, but apparantly I did. And I am grateful I know that now!

Proverbs 13:12. It’s really good. And yeah. It’s just really helpful! And I’m realizing more and more that I can’t run faster than the Lord has given me strength for. Because if I do that, well, it’s just dumb. Because the Lord doesn’t want me to do more than what He has given me strenght for and I’ll just wear myself out and not be able to do anything! And that’s also not being obedient…so. Do what I can, do what He has asked me to do, nothing more and nothing less. And when I do that, I will be happy! I am so grateful for all the the scriptures offer to us! I know they are true! I know that He loves us and I know that this is HIS work! And I am so grateful to be a part of all of this! I love feeling the Spirit and being in a place where I can learn and grow so much! I love being able to just love people and serve them, it’s the greatest blessing in the world!

I love you all!

I’m so thankful for all that you do!!

Jeg elsker jer!

Mange Kærlighed,

Søster Rigby

Ps. No pictures this week :( I’m on a really old computer at the library this week and, well, me and technology don’t get along anyways. Let alone me and technology and danish. Badddddddd combo! 

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