Uge 66 – 15 kilometers in 25 minutes……truly!!

Well, lots of crazy miracles have happened this week :) Lets go down the list :D

Kristina: That wonderful girl is baptized!!!!!!!!!!!! AND CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh man, I’m SO excited for her!!!!!!!!! It has been such a wonderful opportunity to be with her through all of this. I can’t believe that this is the same girl that 4 months ago knew that God didn’t exist and that laughed at people that did. I’m sooo grateful for her wonderful example to me of living what you know to be right – regardless of what anyone else says or does or thinks. She is just amazing :D I love her to pieces and can’t wait for her to be sealed in the temple next year! AH! That’s just going to be so wonderful for her :D Eternal families! Yay!
The baptism was wonderful – she was so happy! Her parents were there and life was just super good for her! And her dad came with to the confirmation yesterday. That was so fun to have him there! And she was just over the moon happy! Oh! And she told us after the confirmation that all she keeps feeling is peace and comfort. :D That girls got the Spirit!! AH! Seriously, best thing ever to see someone you love so much recieve the most wonderful gift in the world! I just love her so much :D

Florien: He was at the baptism, and again at church. We have an appointment with them tomorrow :D Yay!

Helle: She has been on Sjælland this week visiting an aunt. But we have had some pretty wonderful contact with her! Actually she texts us…ha. And she asks us for more readings and more challenges…..værsgo! Ha. We have an appointment with her on wednesday, so that’ll be way great :D

Familien Burr Pederson: We started doing PMG with them as well. And so, it’s been great :) well, 2 weeks ago, sad day, we missed our appointment with them. Just out and out missed it. And last week was FSY so we didn’t go over there cause they want us to come when the whole family is present. We at church yesterday the daughter that was at FSY came up to Søster Peterson and said, when are you coming over? We can’t really do it this week, cause we’re going out of town, so what about today? can you come over today? I really want you to come over! :D SO CUTE! So we did! She was really missing the spirit and studying and, oh. It was just wonderful :D I just love this family sooo much!!

The Jepsens: What a miracle!! Seriously! It’s just amazing! Ok. SO. This is the family that has the daughter in Roskilde that Søster Peterson found by…well, another huge mirakel! So, I know the daughters 2 brothers from Odense. I was actually pretty close with one of the brothers wife. And the younger brother got off his mission while I was in Odense (he actually served in Spokane) Any how, the couple was coming in to Esbjerg to visit his parents and ended up having an extra hour and a half, (that they so should not have had, but due to a member of the ward that had to reschedule a doctors appointment and it was running late, they had some extra time.) So what do they do? Call the sister missionaries :D They just really wanted to see me! So we go up to the library (we had to do some random stuff anyways, like go the kommune and other things.) So, we go and Søster Peterson immedately makes the connection between the brother and the sister! So then he calls his parents and says, the sister missionaries are coming up this weekend, no questions asked. Ha! We have been trying for so long to get up there and it just hadn’t happened! But, he made it happen. So, saturday, we go! Now, this is a 30 minute train ride, plus a 15 kilometer bike ride. So we prayed for good weather, and we got it! It was great! The whole meeting was wonderful, and it was so great to be with them :) I just felt like I was home! Well, then. We go to leave, we thought we had left enough time, cause ya know, we’ve got to bike through 3 towns to get to the train station and it is 15 kilometers and the wind is against us…well, good byes take much longer than we think sometimes. And we ended up have 30 minutes to make this bike ride. And the train only runs every 2 hours….so it was now or…well, there wasn’t another option. And so, we did it!! We biked 15 kilomters in 25 minutes….that’s uhhhh….over 20mph. That is a HUGE mirakel! That was definitely not us that’s for sure! That was a TON of angels helping us out! And I am SO incredibly grateful!!! So incredibly grateful!!!

I have definitely come too see the Lord’s hand in all that I do. And in all that is going on! I am so thankful for the time that I have to be the Lords missionary – I have had the wonderful privilage of seeing Him work through me so many times, specifically here in Esbjerg. I just love this place with all of my heart! And I am so grateful for the time that He has given me to see the mirakels that He works – I know very well that NONE of what I have been able to experience has been because of me, it has all been His mirakels. But I do know that I have had a major part in it. He used me, and my abilites and everything that I am to move His work forward. And what a blessing it is to see that! And how grateful I am to know that He can depend on me to move His work forward – to entrus me with His children. And that is extremely humbling!!

Præsident has said for a long time that there are more people in our areas to teach than we can possibly handle. And all of my mission I have had the faith that they were there, I’ve just kinda wondered where in the world they were! Well now, I know. For the 2nd time we are having to do weekly planning from last week, tomorrow because that was the first chance we have had to do it because we have had appointment after appointment after mirakel after mirakel. I am so grateful for that! It really just makes me sooo happy! I don’t think I’ve ever been soooo tired….and sooo happy at the same time! It’s so fun :)

Transfers! I am headed back to the land of the fast talkers :D Going back to Sjælland! I am more specifically going to Gladsaxe 2, living in Lyngby. And I am so excited for that :D I go on Monday. I am SO incredibly sad to be leaving Esbjerg, and all the people that I so love here, but I know that I will be back :D I will be serving actually just outisde of the area I was in last time I was on Sjælland. So that’ll be fun :) It will be a much smaller area this time than Esbjerg is, but with a WHOLE lot more people. So, it’ll be quite the adventure :D

Hav en fantastisk uge! I’m gonna go pack now….ugh.

Søster Rigby

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