Week 11 – Transfers!

So, this week has been crazy!!! I don’t even know how to explain it, just crazy! We got transfer calls on Saturday – I’m going to Lake St Louis on Wednesday. So that’s going to be a change. No, I have no clue where that is. Momma – can you get a copy of the mission map….from the person in the ward who has a son coming here? That’d be great….We had TWO baptisms this weekend!!!! Amazing!!! I love Heavenly Father!!! It was so great! John and Jez. I just love these two. And Jez’s family is the BEST!!! I can’t believe how lucky I have been to be a part of their journey’s to the gospel.

We also had one of our investigators return the BOM and say that there just wasn’t enough convincing evidence that it was true and that faith was not enough, ever. So that was sad. But it really got me thinking, Heavenly Father loves us. We are His children. He never gives us anything that we can’t do. And in fact, He has given us SO much convincing evidence! But it’s nothing we can see with our natural eyes. We have to open our spiritual eyes, we have to be willing to acknowldge what we can’t see. We do often times have to take a HUGE leap into the dark to find that there is ground in there, and there really is a light at the end! And that’s hard and super scary sometimes. And for people like me, and some of my investigators, letting go of the control you have in your life is super hard! And I really don’t like it! But, I know that as we do, Heavenly Father will make our lives SO much better than they could possibly have ever been! I mean, I’m on a mission. Never thought that was going to happen, but it did. And I’m in St Louis. Never thought I’d be here, but I am. And I love it! I know this is where I’m needed right now. Something a sister said at district meeting last week was that on a mission we get nothing that we wanted and everything that we needed. And how true that is! And not just of missions, but in our lives. Heavenly Father is so completely aware of us. He knows what we need, He knows how to best help us. In the BD under prayer it says that the act of prayer is aligning the will of the child to the will of the Father. And I know that’s true! Heavenly Father has a great big plan for us, and if we aren’t going with it, then we’re just making life more miserable for ourselves. If we will truly put our whole hearts with the Lord, then I know everything will be work out. I don’t know how, but I know it will. And it will be SO much better than anything we could have ever conjured up on our own!!! I just know it!

Ok, some cool things from this last week. We went to the arch! Sweet. And we had two baptisms!!!! And we went to this place called Ted Drewes – reminds me of the way Dick’s Restaurant is set up in Spokane. Such GOOD ice cream!!! Oh, and the Mississippi is still flooding…like crazy. So St Louis is rather fun :)

Love you all!!!!!! Thanks for everything that you do!!!!