Week 20 – Missionærer are AWKWARD!!!!

Ok, this week has been the craziest week of my mission by far. By far!

Here’s about how it’s gone….Tuesday we went to the temple. And oh boy, the Denmark temple is SO beautiful!!!! I really do just love that place!!! It is truly unlike any temple I have been in. And I had to use translation becuase everything is in Danish. That was fun!
And Wednesday. Oh my goodness!! We took our trainer to the København grand central station and she was off to Horsens! So now, me and my companion are here together, in København, by ourselves. She went to the mtc with me and caem to the land 6 weeks before I did. So together we’ve been here a total of 12 weeks. Holy smokes!! It’s insane!!! So we droped her off, went home and studied and then called people. Ok. TERRIFYING!!! I never thought a piece of technology could be SO scary! For real! And it’s an old nokia brick!! It’s not even that new!! But, nevertheless, we called people. And left a bunch of messages. I don’t think anyone could understand them, but hey, we tried. And you know, I’m not really sure any of them could really be classified as messages to be honest…I know I sounded like a 2 year old! Ok, 3 yr old because in Danmark they don’t even start talking until they are 3 because their vocal cords aren’t developed enough to make the correct sounds!!! Seriusly!!! And then we left the apartment. And got on the train going the wrong way…seriously. And finally got to the right place and got on the bus going….the wrong way. Ha. Finally get turned back around and we pull up to a stop and there’s all the police people coming to raid the bus to check for tickets. And we’re 2 zones out and had to do a couple speical things to be legit on the bus…so we got to explain that one in danish. I’m really glad people understand hand signals. AND THEN!! So, as we’re pulling up to the stop where the bus police people are, these 3 guys behind us start freaking out…in danish of course. And when the police people raid the bus, they come in all 3 doors. No one gets out. The 3 boys end up splitting up and the one right behind us tries to shove his way out the door past the police people. Well they shove right back and make him sit in the seats right behind us. And then about 2 seconds later we’ve got all the police people yelling at this dude standing like right on top of us and this kids friends telling him to be quiet and stop arguing. And it was all in danish. HOLY SNAP! But that’s ok. We made it! We were fine. So finally make it to this guys house and…my first door approach på dansk. He understood me!!!! But the guy we were looking for moved…so that wasn’t so fun. So then we head back to the chruch to have our first lesson in danish! thankfully she’s awesome and talks super slow, not like most people in København. And we answered questions! AhH! SO GREAT!!! And then went home, changed and went and painted this lady’s apartment in our ward. Her apartment was built in 1823. Seriously. We get there and she’s like, so the elders were here last night and I fed them lasagna. But I got you girl food! It was salad. And we all know how much I LOVE salad. Espeically when it’s like all vegetables. And then this weird spinach mixture thing. And turkey burgers. Yum. And then, on the way home realized that when we were painting the floor boards, I sat in a whole bunch of sawdust thus sitting in a TON of slivers! OUCH!!!! AND THEN!!! Yes, this day, was SO stinking funny! We get home and have no electricity. Ha. That was gooooooood. So we had to go find breakers and all sorts of stuff, in the dark, in Europe, in danish. BAHAHAHAHA. That’s about how my week has gone. With a bunch more miracles in there! It’s amazing to see how the Lord is helping us and strengthening us. I know that for sure! We’ve been in appointments where we don’t understand what’s being said, and then all of a sudden they’re telling us they’re coming back to church and setting up another appointment with us. I have NO idea how that happens! But it does. And I am SO grateful to the Lord for helping us out. I’ve learned that He won’t let us screw us His work just because we can’t speak the language :) He loves us SO stinking much!! Oh yeah, and we have an investigator that we should be setting a baptismal date with this week…hopefully. She should’ve had one by now! She just needs to tell her family. And we also have another investigator that is blind, from afghanistan and prefers the gospel in italian. Any suggestions on that one?!!? Love you all!!!! Thanks so much for all the prayers!!!! You’re the best!!!
Jeg elsker dig!
have a great week!
Søster Rigby