Uge 19 – 4 month mark….what the?!?!

As for my week, holy insane!! Seriously! Mandag we went and saw Nyhavn and the little mermaid and Marmre Mor Kirke – I don’t know how to spell that one, but i can say it! and a few other things that I can’t remember right now. And then we went and had dinner at an african lady’s house and we ate with our hands! she’s from…..rawanda or however you spell that, and she made us eat with our hands. for real. and it was like the soup…you know the kind with meat and vegetables…and….oh! stew! yeah, it was stew that we had to eat with our hands. for real. definitely got a little messy! but I made it through!
We went and visited TONS of people, or rather tried to. Some were home, many ignored us, or weren’t home. But those we did get to see we needed to. We have lots of appts set for this week, so that’s a really good thing.
Oh and we had zone conference this last week too! we went to bakken for the activity – it’s the oldest amusement park in the world – from like the 1500’s. Sweet!
And I’ve officially been on my mission for 4 months. WEIRD! No idea when that happened….
Oh and one other thing. There was a baptism last night that we took an investigator we are working with to, and it was done in english, danish and french. i kid you not. the amount of translation that was going on last night was nuts!!
oh and, I’m staying here in Fredriksberg! My trainer is leaving for Horsens – on Jylland. And me and søster sheridan are staying here. she went to the mtc and then st louis with me and has been here 6 weeks longer than me. so…pray for us! please!! we have to go learn this language and quick! But we’ve got the Lord on our side, so that will help tons!!
I love you all! I know this is short, but not a whole lot of time. Sorry!!!!! Oh, and I have to go buy a bag this week….mine DIED. baddddd. and a bike at sometime….don’t know yet when that is going to happen. but soon. Ok. Love you!!! I’ll try and get pictures out!! You’re the best!! Thanks for all you do!! The Lord is incredible and this is DEFINITELY His work and I am so grateful to be a part of it and be in a kirke that is led and guided by Him! You’re the best familie! Har en godt uge!
Søster Rigby