Week 21 – The Gift of Tongues. SO REAL!!!

Ok. The week has been nuts. But here’s some crazy little snippits.

WE ARE HAVING A BAPTISM!!!!! Septermber 6th. Emilie. We’ve been working with her for about 2 months now and she’s getting BAPTIZED!!!!!!!!! YEAH!! And her family is COMING!! She finally told them that she wanted to do it and they said, well, we can come right? she said yes. And they said good, because we are a family, that’s what we do, we support each other. YEAH!!! So excited for her!
We cover the whole stinking city of København and some outskirts as well. And the CUV for the island of Sjælland! It’s pretty sweet. So we go to FHE every week and institute. And they help me with my danish…a lot. I’m so grateful for them! And they are just on fire!! Truly!! They are just SO inspiring and dedicated members of the church. I learn so much from them!
Oh! And we had a fireside on Saturday. Christ was there. Well, the guy that plays Christ in The Testaments. And he is an AMAZING singer!! But the fireside was with a guy named Michael Ballum. Who plays Satan in another very important film. Ha, he gets up and is like, if you recognize my face then you’ve been going to good places. BAHAHA. So great. And then the other guy from The Testaments shared a thought – oh yeah, he’s from Danmark. He lives in…the Ballerup ward I believe – anyways, he gets up and tells a funny joke. They were in southern Utah driving to the opera festival thing and they had another friend with them and his phone rang and he said to his friend, you’ll never guess who I’m in the car with – Jesus and Satan! And you’ll never guess who’s driving. Satan. HA! Oh my goodness. It was SO great!
Oh yeah. And we taught relief society yesterday. With about 12 hours notice. So to everyone who is praying for me to speak danish, THANK YOU!!!! because aparantly they could understand me. SWEET! and we gave testimonies in sacrament. In front of about 300 people. Talk about terrifying!!! But hey, I did it! And we got little pins from the 2nd counselor in RS that said I can do hard things :) she’s so cute!
OH! And the bus drivers here. They’re NUTS!! Seriously. They’re like the night bus drivers off of Harry Potter! We are jumping curbs ALL the time. I swear one of these days we’re going to take out a biker. It’s nuts!
But the biggest thing I have learned this week. It is SO not enough to believe the Savior. We have to believe in Him. And once we beleive in Him, we must act on that faith. We must do something about it! We have to. We have to believe that He loves us, that He will strengthen us and make us clean again. And once we believe that, we have to move forward. Repent. Go to church. Pray. Read the scriptures. Try your hardest to speak danish. And because we have that faith, He will strengthen us. He will make us clean. He will answer our prayers. We will feel the spirit. And I will be able to speak danish. But first we have to believe that if we truly lay everything at the feet of the Savior adn ask Him what it is He would have us do, and then do it. I’m SO grateful for His help! There is absolutely no way that I could do this without Him!!
Jeg elsker dig! Du er virkelig fantastisk! Du er altid i min bøn! Jeg er så taknemlig for jeres! Har en super uge!
Søster Rigby


No pictures this week!