Week 22 – It’s September 2nd, and I’m wearing tights!

Ok, it’s cold here already, and it’s Septemeber! There is something seriously wrong with this. Seriously wrong. I am definitely going to FREEZE this winter!!

But, the week has been good! Really good! It’s amazing to see the miracles that continue to happen every week! Here’s probably the biggest thing that has happened. We were on exchanges, and we had an appt that was supposed to be forever away, but we moved it to be over my the church/temple/mission office, and then it got canceled. So, we ended up stopping in the mission office for a few minutes to get some stuff and we were headed back to the train to go home to finish studies, but I thought hey, there’s a lady over here that we have been trying to get ahold of, but no one has been able to track her down! And I had a letter for her from the Søster that had worked with her a few months ago that I needed to get to her. So we go, thinking she probably won’t be home….but she is! And she let us is, simply because of this letter! Found out that her purse had been stolen – which had her phone in it, which is why we couldn’t get ahold of her. And we set up an appt to talk with her a couple days later! So, we did! And it was great! Once upon a time she had a baptismal date, but then dropped off the face of the earth, about the time that her purse got stolen the first time. So, we’ll be working on that one!
Oh! And another miracle! We’re at the church waiting for a new convert to get there, and this guy comes in – they have a guest home for people that are attending the temple that is on the 4th floor of the church. Because there are so many people that have to travel a long ways. So it’s nice. Anyways, he’s a swedish temple worker and he stops in and says hey, there’s this guy that works down on Nordre Fasanvej that is a member and he’s less active and he really wants to come back to church! He’s been sharing the chinese book of Mormon with his friends and I think it would be a really good idea for you to meet with him! I talk with him all the time, he’s a wonderful guy! Low and behold, we had FINALLY got ahold of him 2 weeks ago, and had one appt with him, and then he is the one that canceled (cause he slept in…but we rescheduled for this week!) and we already knew about him! AHH! So great! Seriously, I just love members! Best thing that ever did happen to missionaries!
And another….EMILIE is getting baptized on Friday!!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! I’m SO stinking excited for her!!! And her family is coming!! And they’re asking her LOTS of questions about it! Her mom even rode her bicycle with her to church yesterday! I feel like we are kind of teaching her by proxy…it’s fun. Her mom will ask questions, and Emilie will ask us those questions and we’ll answer them :) It’s great! I’m just so excited for her!! It really is the most incredible thing to see people come to know their Savior. And make covenants with their Father in Heaven. And help others to do the same! It really is the greatest blessing in the world to be able to be a part of someones journey to come to know their Father in Heaven and make covenants with Him. Seriously, I don’t know how in the world I got so stinking blessed!
OH! And I was thinking about this a lot yesterday. Church, well, church is insane as a missionary. I will never again make fun of missionaries that fall asleep in church. It’s nuts! So, in church, I was definitely having one of those days where everything, literally everything was going WAY over my head. I wasn’t understanding anything that was happening, and we were supposed to be teaching Unge Piger – YW. HAHA. That was…well, it went :) Anyways, so I realized, Heavenly Father doesn’t just help us know what it is we are supposed to do. Like Nephi. He didn’t just tell him you need to go get the plates, or you need to go get food for your family, or you need to build a boat to cross the ocean. He told Nefi, and then said, ok, lets do this, together. We have help, not only with knowing what to do, but in the process of doing it! I know, something I should have realized a long time ago…but, oh well. Better late than never right? And it was about the time that I realized that, that I could actually understand what was happening in church. Coincidence? I think not. Nope.
Jeg elsker jeres! Denne kirke er sandt! Og jer er rigtig taknemlig at være missonærer ny, her i Danmark! Jeg er taknemlig for alle din hjælpe og for din bøn for mig! Har en godt uge!
Søster Rigby
Translation for those of us who don’t speak Danish:
I love yours! This church is true! And you are really grateful to be missonærer new, here in Denmark! I am grateful for all your help and for your prayers for me! Has a good week!