Ok, seriously, baptism days are the best days!! I just LOVE them!!! Friday was Emilie’s dåben dag and it was the best day ever!! We took the day and just prepped everything because her whole family was coming plus 1/2 the missionærer on Sjælland and their investigators, tons of people in the CUV and lots from the ward as well. We were anticipating about 40 people….and we ended up having around 60 people there. It was crazy!! But it was absolutely incredible!!! I loved seeing the joy on Emilie’s face!! She knew what she was doing, and she knew it was right! And her family could see that too!! I’m just so incredibly grateful for her! I learn so much from her every time I see her!!! Afterwards I was talking to her mom….or rather trying to talk in danish….ha. And she breaks into english and she’s like, I know you have no idea what I said, but it’s really awesome that you’re trying! Ha. I love my life! Anyways, I asked her what she thought of the baptism – she’s not religious, in any way. The whole family isn’t, just like most Danes. They don’t really have any concept of God or who He is, at all. Most Danes do a christening in the Danske Folke Kirke and then a confirmation at 14, but this family didn’t even do that! Any how, I asked her what she thought and all she could say was it just felt….good. It felt…right. YEAH IT DOES!!!! OH! I was SO excited!!! She was like, I know how happy my daughter is, I can see it in her face! It was amazing! So I told her yeah, you know, you’re feeling that way because of the Spirit, it’s telling you that this is a good thing, this is the right thing. And she said, yeah, yeah it is :) AHHHH!!!! I’M SO STINKING EXCITED!!!! And the ward just totally took over and welcomed the family and talked with them, go to know them, talked about eternal families, the whole bit! And the CUV! WOW! They are incredible!! They were talking to Emilie and her older sister, just incredible! We really didn’t have to worry about a thing! We could go talk to our other investigator that came!!!! That Emilie invited :)

So, her name is Emma. She is someone that the CUV couple – The Talford’s knew when they were here for their mission. Well they left 6 months ago, and came back to help out for about a month until the next couple could get here – they’re having issues with their visa’s as well. Go figure. Anyways, so they emailed Emma last week and said hey, we’re back! So she said, cool, I think I’ll come to FHE this week. OK! So she came, we talked a little bit, Emilie invited her to the baptism, she came! And now, she’s coming back tonight and she wants to meet with us to find out more about the church and what we believe!! And more about the incredible spirit that she felt at the baptism!!! Ok, SWEET!!! I just love Heavenly Father and how He works all of these incredible mirakels!! It’s just so amazing!!! I am so blessed :D
Ok, and danish, is hard. Really hard. Take this for instance – det er i orden. Literal translation, that are y’alls the word. Doesn’t really make sense. At all. Or another literal translation, that is in the word. Still doesn’t really make sense. What it really means, that is the order it will happen. WHAT THE!?!?! Yeah. Danish is hard. Oh, and we taught sunday school this week. I’m really starting to wonder if I’m ever going to have a week where I don’t teach in church……that’ll be interesting if that happens!
And today!!! SO EXCITED!!! After emailing, we are going to Vor Frelsers Kirke – it’s right next to Amager and has a spiral stair case on the outside….with 400 steps to climb. Oh boy. That’ll be fun. Ha! Pictures to come next week!!
Life is GOOD!! Really, I love being a missionary and being able to have all of these incredible blessings in my life! I still can’t quite believe that I get to do all of this! It is such a blessing!! Truly! Oh yeah, and tomorrow is my 5 month mark. WEIRD!!!!!!!!! I have absolutely no idea what in the world happened to the last 5 months….they have passed by so fast!!! I love you all! Thanks for the prayers!!! They are really helping!!! I love you!!!
Jeg elsker jeres! Du er alle den bedste famile og venner i hele verden! Tak for den mange ting du gøre for mig or for hinanden! Har den bedste uge denne uge!
Kærlig Hilsen,
Søster Rigby
Last lines translation:
I love yours! You are all the best family and friends in the whole world! Thank you for the many things you do to me or each other! Have the best week this week!