Week 24 -…….I don’t have a creative title for this one. Sorry.

This last week has been pretty good! Summer has officially ended. It’s cold. And rainy. Velkommen til Danmark! Oh, and Christmas stuff is already out :) I love this country! They know which holiday is the most important! Last week we went to Vor Frelsers Kirke – it’s on Amager and it is beautiful!!! And SO high! We could see all of Amager, Christianshavn and most of København. It was SO cool! But so many stinking stairs. I hate stairs. Kirken var fra 1696 omkring. Det er gammel! Holy smokes!

And we met with Emma :) Our super sweet investigator that came to the baptism last week. She is SUPER interested and we gave her a Mormons Bog and talked about the priesthood and profets and all sorts of good stuff. She can’t meet this week cause of some family stuff, but she asked us if we could meet and study together. I’m down! That’s pretty sweet! So we’re excited for that one!!
Oh! And we had dinner with Jytte again on Saturday – the reason my waistline is no longer the same size….love that woman! She is seriously the fiestiest old danish woman ever! She’s so funny! And she gave us these super cool plates right from her wall! We were going to leave and she’s like hey, each of you grab one. So…we did! I’m not gonna tell this woman no, I’ll get smacked! Seriously! She’s so great :)
…..that was the week. I’m pretty sure there were more exciting things in there….but I don’t really remember. Oh. Wait. My bike got stolen. So I’m back on the hunt for a bike. Oh and we’re having dinner with Emilie’s familie søndag. So that’ll be great! Oh yeah, and we finally got ahold of this investigator we’ve been trying to get ahold of for….ever. ‘Randomly’ we were in the area at the only time during the day when they are home…for 10 mintues. Yup. Love the Lord!
Well, I love you all! You’re the best! I hope you’re all having a great time and school and work is going great! Love you!!!!! The church is true!!! Oh, and go read Moroni 7:33 and think about unselfish service….seriously the greatest thing ever this week. I love how the Lord just opens your eyes and helps you understand things. It’s the best!!!
Søster Rigby