Uge 25 – Jeg har været i landet for 2 månded….mærkelig!!!

So, this week has been….good :) actually, hard. ha. Life as a missionary, truly is incredible, really, it’s just kinda hard sometimes. I feel like this week has been a serious of ohhhh man, ohhhhhhhhhh man. But, needless to say, I’m learning now more than ever how to rely on my Heavenly Father. He is there – He loves us and He will strengthen us. I know that! He always listens to us and He knows exactly how we feel at every moment of everyday. And for that I am SO incredibly grateful! We just have to give Him everything, absolutely everything. We can’t hold anything back. We have to give Him all of our trust, our control, our worries, our stresses, the good things and the bad things, everything has to go to Him and only then can we receive any light, any joy in our lives. I know this! And I’m so grateful for it. I found a scripture this week that has come to mean a lot to me. 2 Nefi 7:11 . ”Behold, all ye that kindle fire, that compass yourselves about with sparks, walk in the light of your fire and in the sparks which ye have kindled.” When those hard times come, we have to walk in the light of the fire that we have already kindled – we can’t just go along thinking all is well, I have nothing to worry about and then all of a sudden turn to this wonderful testimony that is just so strong and burning – it doesn’t quite work that way. We have to keep it going, we have to be building that fire constantly that way when those hard times do come – and they will, they always will – we already have a fire going, we already know what it is we need to do, and we have something to fall back on that will carry us through those hard times. It’s amazing how much the scriptures can teach us :) I just love them!!!

Really, life is good, just a bit crazy, but when is it not??
One super incredible blessing this week was going to the temple with Emilie – she is incredible! The smile on her face was just amazing!!! She was there along with 3 others that were doing baptisms for the first time. The spirit there is so incredible and so strong and I am SO grateful!!! I really do love that place so much :)
Another kind of crazy thing that happened this week…well, yesterday. A sisters apartment caught fire while they were at church. They lost everything! So sad. They’re ok, and they’re safe, but they have absolutely nothing. So we’re working on getting them all the things they need. They’re staying at a couple’s home who are currently serving elsewhere in the mission. So that’s really nice. So, pray for them :) they need all the help they can get!
We’ve also had some pretty crazy changes in the mission! As of this last week, all missionaries are to be out of their apartments…well, a whole lot earlier than before. About an 1.5 hours got cut off of our normal routines. So, we’re going to be talking to a whole lot more people now! It’s so great!!
Life is good, I’m good, Heavenly Father loves all of us and we have His help, constantly and I am SO grateful for that!! Have a great week!!!
Søster Rigby