Week 16 – Holy, week of miracles!

Ok, so this is going to be super speedy quick, so excuse the spelling. :/

Monday – we went to a members house to make queen annes. oh my, delicious!! SO great!! I now have that recipe. So that will be happening when I get home. And while we are there, we don’t just get one, but two referrals from mormon.org! super excited, but really, those don’t really pan out. but we called them and they both wanted to meet, like asap. Sweet! So we set up appts to meet with them and all that jazz.

Tuesday – we met with one of the referrals. his name is Ryan. and he is LEGIT! for real. he’s like my life is all about God and I am seriously trying to develop my relationship with Him because I am realizing now how important it really is. And by the way, I investigated the church about 5 years ago with my ex-girlfriend who is a member of the church and she said she would only marry someone of her faith, but i was doing it for her, not for me so it didn’t really work. we’re still friends and everything now. but I keep being drawn to her, there is something about her and her family and what they believe that i keep being drawn to. so now I’m investigating for myself. and i know i have to pray and read and attend church to make this all happen, but i do really want and need to know. WHAT THE!?!! Missionaries dream right there!!!!

Wednesday – we went to the temple :) great stinking day!! oh yeah, AND I GOT MY VISA!!!!!!!!!! holy smokes! I’m actually going to DANMARK!! Sweet! It’s only been 9 weeks…ha. but really, I love it here so much :) I’ve learned a TON! And you know, gotten 3 referrals of people I need to go find in Denmark. and I got the last one from a couple in my ward mailed to me on the Friday before I got my visa. you know. Seriously, Heavenly Father knows His children and He puts us in the right places at the exact right times. And I am SO incredibly grateful for that!!!!!

Thursday – we have an appt with the 2nd referral. her name is teresa stellars. yup. sweet name! anyways, we find out that she’s been working with a member!! seriously, members ROCK!! and she was just like, from everything this guy has been telling me, it all sounds like it’s real. and i’ve prayed about the stuff he’s told me and it feels good. but i know that I need to read and pray nad find out for myself what is true and what isn’t. but I want to be baptized. I want to come to church! i’m so excited to be able to meet with you all and learn more. Like, for real? is this a dream??? I can’t quite believe all that’s happening!!

Friday – we are calling around trying to get team ups with someoen in the ward adn we end up calling this one and seh doesn’t answer so we texted her. and i guess we had the wrong number….but we get a phone call as we are almost to this appointmetn and the guy says so you all called me and texted me about something giong on tonight at 8, but I don’t really know who you are. so of course, we tell hi m that we are missionarioes for the church of Jesus Christ of latterday saints and he is like, really? because i’ve been looking for a church to go to becasue the one I’m going to now just doesn’t seem to qutie fit. and you know, it’s definitely not a coincidence taht you all called me. I mean, taht has got to be the spirit talking!! ok, yeah, no joke. this guy said that. AND THEN!! he’s like, can I come to your church? you are christian right? so of course we say yes, and give him all the info. but really, we arent’ really expecting him to come, becasue honestly, that stuff just doesn’t happen.

Saturday – who knew eating could be a trial of your faith. for real. I had SO much to eat!!!! 3, 3 course full huge humongous dinners in about 4 hours. And I’m talking like lasagna, and steak (YUM!) and funeral potatoes and tacos and enchilada’s and cake and brownies and ice cream. I have never prayed for Heavenly Father to enlarge my stomach before. but oh boy, Heavenly Father can certainly do ANYTHING!!! Serious. And you know, I’ve learned something. You really do have to eat when people offer you because if you don’t people look at you like what, am i not good enough to cook for the missionaries? they’re supposed to eat everything and they won’t even eat my food. so you eat. and eat. and eat. and eat. and then have a food baby. and a food baby so large that you can’t fall asleep that night because it hurts so bad!! ha. but it’s good. I love it :) my waist line just doesn’t love it. ha!

Sunday – manna from heaven! that’s what sunday was! for real. we go to correlation and in the middle, this guy from the random phone call on friday calls us and is like I forgot the address but i want to come! so we talk some more and he’s like oh, by the way I’m bringing my brother and my best friend. WHAT?!?!??!?! yeah, this has been my week. amazing!!! and it gets better. Ryan – the very first referral came to church!! and then we were kind of disappointed because this LA we’ve been working with hardcore promised us he’d come, and then he didn’t. AND THEN! we’re in gospel principles AND HE COMES!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND HE WENT HOME TEACHING!!! AND GAVE THE LESSON!!!!!!! AND HE READ HIS SCRIPTURES!!!!!! ok. for real. I don’t think life can get any better than this. But it does.

Monday/today – i decided to text random phone call guy and tell him that we were glad to see him and can’t wait to meet with him on Friday. he texts back and asks about Joseph Smith and other things…definitely anti material and as i’m in the middle of texting him back, he calls. and i’m thinking, oh crap. i don’t know that I really want to do this….and then. just wait for it. he wants to meet today!!! so we met with him at the library and had a ridiculously awesome lesson with him!!! oh man. They are meeting with him again on Friday this week and he’s excited to come back to church. AHH!!!!! so great!!!

Ok, life is awesome!! I’m LOVING being a missionary!! And I’m going to Danmark tomorrow, well. I leave tomorrow, get there on Wednesday. You know, I just feel SO incredibly blessed to be a missionary and be here at this time to do all of this.

Quotes from this week:

If God can trust me, full of mistakes, why can’t I trust God who has no mistakes? – New Baptist Church sign

Line upon line works the opposite way too.

Oh! And! My zone is like full of elders who played football, so we get a lot of football analogies. The one this week was this – that the age change is like God’s hail mary pass! Ha. And the best part about God’s hail mary pass? It always works. Yup. Always. Oh man. I just love the gospel :) I can’t wait to get to Denmark! I have loved my time here, and have learned SO much!! But I am ready to go that’s for sure. Now on to my 3rd area, 3rd distrikt, and 3rd mission president in 2 months of being in the field. Maybe I’ll acutally be in this new area for a full transfer. That’d be great! Ha.

Jeg elsker dig!! Held og lykke!!!

Soster Rigby

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