Uge 18 – Life is expensive i Danmark

HI!!!! I love you family :) It’s so good to hear from you guys!! I hope you have a great time this week! Monster – I love you!! How was the water park?!? Did you take any pictures?!?!

Ok, so just a few things this week, not a whole lot of time. One really odd thing I wasn’t expecting, grocery shopping. Hardest thing to do in a new country where you don’t have anything you’re used to getting and can’t even figure out what the equivalent would be because you can’t read it. That’s fun. So you instead go on looks and hope that what you’re getting is edible. Or do what I did and say to your trainer, just get enough for both of us! Ha. That was an adventure! Oh and cereal….they have corn flakes. And another brand of corn flakes. And off brand of cornflakes. And an expensive kind of cornflakes. And the bag kind of cornflakes. And the off brand of the off brand of corn flakes. So, guess what I have for breakfast most mornings?? Cornflakes. Ha. But we get this other either chocolate or strawberry stuff to put on top and it helps change the taste a bit :)
Also, I have GOT to have some kind of Danish in my somewhere because these people are straight forward, to the point and stubborn as all get out!! For real!! We were at a meeting the other night with our WML, the ældste in our ward an other older lady that has been in the ward for a long time and she was just going through the ward list with us so we can know who everyone is and a little of their stories. Well, our WML had to leave and she very frankly looked at him and said, no, you’re not leaving, I’m not done. You can wait 5 mintues. SO FUNNY!!!!! Oh man. I love danish people!!!
And we had dinner the other night with a less active and she bought us pizza and ice cream – ben and jerry’s ice cream. SO GOOD! but holy smokes, for 2 small pizza’s, 4 drinks and ice cream it was over 200 kroner! Like 60 bucks! and the ice cream alone was like 120 kroner, which is like 35 ish and it was 2 1/2 liters….wow. Life is expensive here! but she was so sweet! she’s like this is ice cream from your home and you’re far away from your home and you’re helping me, i want to buy it for you. SO cute!!! Love this lady. Vibika. She’s crazy, but she’s cool. also, that was my first night of not only sharing my thoughts….på dansk, but answering questions and finding things in the scriptures, in danish. WOW!! I can do that. So crazy!! It’s amazing how incredible the spirit is and how Heavenly Father will direct you if you are willing. That’s something I definitely need to work on and be better at for sure!!
Love you guys!! Thanks for all you do!!!!!!! You’re the best family in the world!!!!
Oh, and transfer calls are this week. So I’ll know next week where I will be for the next 6 weeks. Love you!!!
Oh, and we are going to nyhavn and to the little mermaid today. eeek!!! pictures will be coming :)
Har en godt uge!
Søster Rigby